Discussion on Simple Infographics I MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Discussion on Simple Infographics I MOGRT for Premiere Pro

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Hey there, Great wonderful graphics! Can I modify the duration of each element? I want to use these kinds of graphics for my website. How can I get the demo of this? Need help regarding this. Is this is compatible for my site

Hey there, Great Work, Nice graphics can I modify the duration of graphic I want to use these graphics on my website Personal Injury Attorney. Need help regarding this how can I do this?

Yes, you can change the duration o the graphic.

I am get an error message when I unzip the file.


If you want to unzip it in order to use this MOGRT in After Effects, you can go to top dropdown menu “File” – “Open Project” and select a mogrt that you need.

Best, Denis

Great graphics! Can I modify the duration of each element?

Hey, thank you!

You can change the holding time on the screen for each chart.

Thanks, Denis

Bonjour, avec la licence étendue, puis-je réaliser plusieurs vidéos différentes et les facturés à mes clients?

Ex: une vidéo pour une grande surface ensuite une vidéo pour le décathlon… ou faut-il racheter à chaque fois la licence? 98$ + 98$ + 98$... etc pour chaques clients différents ?


Hello matteo69,

You need to buy a new license for each client. As for license type, you can use standard licenses for each client in case if from the end customers of the product aren’t charged for.

Please, check this article for more understanding about videohive licensing:

Thanks, Denis

Bonjour matteo69,

Vous devez acheter une nouvelle licence pour chaque client. En ce qui concerne le type de licence, vous pouvez utiliser des licences standard pour chaque client au cas où les clients finaux du produit ne seraient pas facturés.

Veuillez consulter cet article pour en savoir plus sur les licences Videohive:

Merci, Denis

Hey can I use this pack for multiple YouTube videos? I want to buy the extended licence – will that be fine?

So I’ll buy x1 extended license with the pack and I’ll use the assets for multiple videos on my channel


You can check more about licenses here:

What audio you used in the preview? Beside, does it work with other languages such as Arabic ?


Here is an audio:

You can send me an email, I’ll send you a sample chart, you will be able to try it.

Thanks, Denis

How do I change the font for the graphs? This is not clear.


On the Essential Graphics panel, on the tab edit open a tab “Text Settings” and there you can change a font for each text layer.

Good morning,

I have a problem:

- I bought the package yesterday - I tried to install MOGRT’s files on Premiere Pro 2018 but they don’t work .. -It tells me I don’t have a right version of After Effects (I have it from 2019 ..)

How can I do?? Do I need to install them on After effects first?


Thank you for contacting me.

If you have Premiere Pro 2018 version you need to have After Effects 2018 version as well.

You can instal After Effects 2018 version or update your software to latest or similar versions.

Thank you, Denis

I drop it onto my timeline and move the play head but nothing is animated. It just frozen. 1 graphic, no motion. Premiere Pro 2020


Sorry for the late answer, it was a long weekend here.

Please, note that each MOGRT file is around 20 minutes long. So, please scale the timeline and trim to needed duration the layer.

Thanks, Denis

Hi, will this work with Premiere Pro 2020? Thanks

Hello, yes, this template works with Premiere Pro CC 2020. Thanks for asking!

Hi It does not support Arabic language for premiere pro (Premiere pro version does not support middle eastern languages) I changed the language but it is still the same


Can you please send me an email with your issue?

Thanks, Denis

Hi, I bought your template since I saw 16 different call-outs in your advertising video. However, most of the call-outs shown in your video is missing in the template. I want each call-out from 2 different directions as it is shown in your video. I do not want to deal with After Effects. I want the package as it is advertised in the video. If it is not possible, please FULL REFUND to me.


Please, re-download this product again and check call outs in the folder “9. Call Outs”.

Thank you, Denis

I would love to know the answer to kibiribi issue as well. I have values way above the 100 value eg. 352 or 6018.

Hello EllusionStudio,

We’ve updated our item several days ago and (for cc 2019 version) we’ve separated graphic value and numeric value, it’s two different controllers for now, so you can set up your value in the range from -1000000 to 1000000 for number and in the range from 0 to 100 for a graph value.

Thanks, Denis

This is great Template, but it’s not understable for me how to operate for charts where values > 100 ? In my case I’ve got a value1=120, value 2 = 192, value 3 = 168. But in Data Settings allowed max value = 100. Screenshot – Any workaround how to set those values? All datas for Graphs are limited by max value = 100. (Graph 01, Minimal-Vertical-Chart-02, One-Line-Scale-02-(Horizontal))


THank you for your question!

I’ve answered on your mail!



Thanks for the templates, they’re generally really nice. I’m having trouble with the ‘Timer (Circle).mogrt’ file though.

Within the ‘Text Settings’ the editor for the first text value (the number of minutes, by default) doesn’t work so I can’t change the font or move the number at all. It works fine for the other values (number of seconds, text underneath etc) but, for this first value, it just doesn’t have any effect.

Thanks in advance,


Hello Ross,

Thank you so much!

The item was updated, please re download this item and try to use this chart again!

Please, let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you,


All your demos are whiter elements on black background. I have a white background in my video. Is it possible to change elements colors to another colors? Black or green etc?


I already answered on your question via email, but will duplicate answer here:

Yes, you can change color, opacity and and other design settings depends on element type on essential graphics panel (on control panel) inside Premiere Pro.

Thank you!

Hey Guys, thank you for the nice Infographic Theme! I have one Question: How can i change the Font Type in the Theme?

Best regards from Germany Robert

Okay, several days ago I’ve sent you a mail, can you please send me a screenshot of your workspace on my email? I need to check it.

Thank you!

Sorry, my mistake! I use the wrong folder – Everything work very well, no issues! I am sorry for taking your time.

Ahh, no problem! You’re welcome! ;)

Hey, How do I get the music file as well?

Hi bit of a big problem with the graphs at the moment. You cannot enter in 2 digits as the horizontal values, so the bar charts and probably more of them are entirely useless at the moment. Could you please fix:

Hi, could you actually refund this, needed this working tonight as it’s not fixable in the mogrt so have had to buy your other after effects version so I can alter the values. I don’t need both and as this one isn’t currently working as intend, would like it refund please.


Thank you for contacting with me!

I’ve fixed it and will upload a new version today, please let me know if need it asap.

In the next time, please, contact me first. Usually I try to solve all bugs and issues asap.

Thank you for buying and sorry that you’ve faced with difficulties.

In order to make a refund, please visit this article and click “Request a Refund” button at the end of this article and then follow the instructions.

Thank you, Denis


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