Simple dynamic slideshow

Simple dynamic slideshow

You can use this template to promote Your work on socialmedia in modern and quick way.

  • Resolution 1920×1080
  • 23,976 fps
  • 16 placeholders
  • No plugins required – 100% aftereffects file.
  • After Effects CS6 or higher
  • Easy to customize
  • Sound effects included
  • Use logo or text for title
  • Music is not included
  • Link for free font included
  • Images or videos used in preview are not included
  • Easy color change

Music is not included, but for the best result, purchase this Awesome Track.
After buying this music, You only need to put it into music placeholder and it will match the trailer montage.

If you need any help with the project don’t hesitate to message Us through our Profile Page.

To create a movie trailer preview we used a blender open movie project called:
Tears of Steel – not included. You can watch it here.