Discussion on Shop Promo

Discussion on Shop Promo

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Looks cool! Nice work!

Thank you Eufaraday !

Thanks rgba_design :)

very nice work :) i wish you best luck for your sales ! ;)

Thank you for your comment EricProchnow :D

Very Nice Work!

Thank you !!!

Thanks TranSMaxX !!!

I ma new to after effect. do you think that it is possible to export the video into editable html5?

No its not possible to export HTML5 animation from after effects. You can export an mp4 video file and you can embed that. If you are interested in a HTML5 version write me an email through my profilepage, please!

Hello, I need this buy for vertical display (portrait). Its possible? Thanks!

The project includes a landscape version, you need some experience to modify it for portrait version. I can create you the portrait version if you write me an email through my profile page

Nicely done, looks great! :)

Thank you!

Cool and wonderful work! something very worthy !! I wish good sales !!

Thanks UraGranD !!

i need long duration video for my product.

Hi biplobdev, I can make you a custom version. Send me an email through my profile page with details about how much products you have, please!

Have free template for more download or not!?

The project includes 1 template and you can customize it for your needs using different background, color etc. Watch the video tutorial to see how it works:

I keep getting an error message from the badge smoke. It say” This ‘MooV’ file is damaged or unsupported. Please help I relinked it but its not transparent.

Hi there, you probably missing quicktime to play mov files. You can download it from here: If you still have the issue or don’t want to download quicktime write a message through my profile page, so I can send you a modified file, please

It plays on quicktime just not in AE

Send me a message through my profile page, please. I will send you a modified file

Should have the option for 1080×1920, Great Job

Thank you! I will consider the 1080×1920 version

Can I extend the length of the project? For example 4:00 and 30 product etc.

Hi nushret, yes it is possible if you have some experience with the following technique in this video tutorial: