Shape Me Massive Photo Album

Shape Me Massive Photo Album

General purpose Photo Album Modular template with 289 PlaceHolders. +31212 Ways to customize it for several time usage!!! 3 Steps to make render:

  • Choose the background * Adjust // Select Background Style * Select Overlay Style * make render

    Main Features:

    • 1 Magic button from 18 PlaceHolders to make up to 289 in-depended segments.
    • 18 different shape scenes.
    • Extra detailed documentation with reference cards inside.
    • Easy to customize.
    • Optimized for HD render – even slow computer handles it.
    • Control Shape Border(stroke) size for all shapes with 1 Slider.
    • Slider to enable & segment shapes in to placeholders.
    • Sound FX included.
    • Everything is made, named, colored in all scenes identical.
    • Folders structure is the same.
    • 2 BG Styles.
    • Reflection ON/OFF.
    • 4 Overlay styles.
    • 4 Different & unique prepared scenes for render.
    • 1 Secret button who extend the composition crop, but more details inside the manual.
    • + Alternative .v2 project with more complex solution. This means, you have 5 different Projects with 1 purchase.

    Reference cards is included on Zip and the manual:
    Music is not included, but you can purchase it here: Minimal Density
    NOTE: Video preview, doesn’t fit to show all the beauty for this template. Only few examples displayed. Have time to look it all. & The results (the demo) may be different, as i only demonstrated what this template can do! Don’t scary – you may get more beautiful result \\)” title=” :)” />
General purpose means, that this template is useful in Corporate, style, fashion, education, presentation or even for advertisement. In some cases only few adjustments (modifications) and you are on the way to the render process.

Can be used in almost all common situations + use placeholder elements for additional information. For ex: text, icons…

...Is this template is worth to be on every computer in your download folder?

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