Seamless Transitions for Davinci Resolve

Seamless Transitions for Davinci Resolve

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These are very handy seamless transitions with built-in sound effects.

Yes! This is the DaVinci Resolve version of the popular seamless transitions!

Drag-and-Drop with sound, without decomposing every transition
(No extra steps required – maximum time optimization)

Save hundreds of hours of video production with our seamless transitions for DaVinci Resolve.

Just Drag-and-Drop

Our transitions are effortless to use – choose a suitable transition and drag it into your sequence. For each transition, we made a prerender with previews it was more convenient for you to choose a suitable transition. Also, each transition includes a sound effect – which will make your video even more epic!


Resizable to any resolutions and aspect ratios.

All transitions are fully optimized for video with any aspect ratio, including IGTV!


True Transitions Pack

No tricks and no garbage to increase the number of items in the title! We are honest with you. Our package includes over 300 transitions and nothing else, more free updates in future.

The current version of the package includes 9 different categories of transitions for every day. They are Offset transitions, Zoom transitions, Perspective, Pan, Spin, Stretch, Shake, Aberrations and Fade. Preview all categories of transitions, which you can see here.


 Optics-Spin                            Swinging                                Spin

 Simple                                   Shake                                    Optics

 Ease                                      Hit


 Swinging                                Simple                                   Hit



 Tilt                                          Swinging                               Simple

 Shake                                    Hit                                          Ease-Out

 Ease                                      Bounce


 Twirl                                       Shake                                    Corner-Swinging

 Corner-Ease                          Corner-Bounce                      Center-Swinging



 Out-In                                     In                                           Pan



 Shift                                       Optics


 Pixelation                               Glow                                      Exposure

 Directions-Blir                        Color                                     Blur


 Warp                                      Swinging                                Simple

 Long-Swinging                       Long-Simple                          Long-Hit

 Long-Ease-Out                      Long-Ease                             Hit

 Ease-Out                                Ease                                      Bounce


•  Drag-and-Drop with sound, without decomposing every transition (Adjustment Layer system)
•  Works with any resolution and aspect ratio
•  Sound FX are included for each transition (transitions are dragged and dropped with sound)
•  Fast Transitions preview
•  Works with 25, 30 and 60 FPS
•  A Step-by-Step tutorial is included
•  Optimized for M1
•  Free updates
•  Video used in Promo (not included): Link
•  The soundtracks used in Promo (not included): Motivational Sports Future Bass and This Chill Future Bass

Technical Requirements

•  Works in DaVinci Resolve Studio 17 in version 17.2.2 BUILD 4 and higher (Most of transitions work in the free version of Davinci Resolve 17 as well)
•  Please check if your system meets the DaVinci Resolve Studio 17 system requirements


Videolancer’s Transitions for Premiere Pro | Original Seamless Transitions

Version from our partners


21 july, 2021 - v 1.0
+ Initialize Transitions