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Looks very good!

Sehr gutes Template ! Willkommen bei videohive :)

Welcome my friend!!!! Excellent project, wish you many sales!!!! ;)

Thank you very much…I hope that too :P

very useful, super whiteboard w/arrows/mindmap animation, thanks I can use this

Thank you very much :) I’m glad you like it

Nice, very nice!!!

Thank you :)

nice an easy to use good tutorial video. is there a way i can change the picture areas to video ? thanks

I need to extend some place holders, found this video from you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnQpgL8m59w how would i do it on the scribble template video 5 and 10 and 12 are the place holders that need extending to an additional 45 seconds each place holder to allow a video to play in each. what is the easiest way to do so. thank you

Hi darkzac, 1. for the background problem: make sure to import your new background in the “BG” comp. Works for me so I hope that fixes your problem :) . 2. what exactly do you mean? E.g. the video 05 comp is over 1 minute long and you can see the video for only about 8 sec (start of the animation till camera moves on). Or do you want to stop your video and “freeze” the last frame so that it stays there for the rest of the video? Or do you really have a very long video (over 1 minute) you want to show before the animation continues?

It’s a bit much sry for that ;) Help me to figure out your problem and I try to solve it for you :)

thank you love it !!

A nice effect but the render time is horrendously long compared to any other templates I have downloaded from this site.

Hi creativeio, I’m sorry that you’re not 100% satisfied. I know that this template looks very easy to render but all effects, e.g. the wiggling lines for video, need a lot of CPU Power, so it renders longer than expected.

I still hope you like it after all.

Greets Sam

Looks great! super)

Thanks :)