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Great Project! very useful!

Always thanks to you Microzooms!

Good work!!!! ;)

Thank you juanmita!

Great you like it! Thanks!

Thanks for your opinion!

great job especially those drop downs :11-:20 rockstar quality design elements, thanks :)

wow! loved your comment, not only for great things you say moreover for your concept! And of course, for your purchase! Thanks to you graphic444!

Great you like it mate!

Thank you bobach!

Looks nice. Good luck.

Hope so too! Thank you Defocus!

Excellent Work Dude !

Hey! thank youn mate! ;)

To be honest….I don’t like the style of these.

To be constructive…...I do like the idea….create some different packs/styles and you will see a lot I’d say.

No problem! We all know that design (graphic, motion, in arts, achitecture) is not a “hard science”, so what someone considers versatile and stylish (like comments above) another may consider different. Anyway its good to hear all voices. Yes it’s a GOOD IDEA I agree, more packs will come no doubt! Thanks!

Hi there! Can you add a full screen drop down? Or maybe yu have another similar pkg with a full screen? Thanks

I understand your point. I think you’re not rendering properly your project. You have to render in Alfa channel, for that you have to: 1) Activate Alfa channel by toggling transparency grid, so click on “Toggle transparency grid” icon (next to 3D view) 2) Add to render queue, and select AVI or Quicktime 3) In Video Output, select RGB+Alfa. Finally render.

thanks a lot!!!

Nice to be helpful! Regards

Nice one! very useful!

Thank you Leo!

In video preview you show nice blue-grey style (first one).

And than in description you show 4 screenshots in styles that are all different from first preview style.

I like video preview style the most. but now I’m not sure if it is inside the package.

Please help.

Hello atman1 ;) Sorry for my delay. Yes, preview style is the original colour combination and it is included in the package. The rest of colours are options also available. So don’t worry, you’ll find blue-grey style in your purchase. Thanks for asking!

Thank you very much atman1 for your purchase and your comments in Reviews! Regards!


Will this work in Sony Vegas Pro or is it just for adobe?


It’s possible to render in alpha, but it’s necessary to manage the elements from after effects and I let the customer interact with the file. The text to add should have a similar animation too… Shame, of course I would like your purchase, but I wonder if will not be too much complicated :S

You are probably correct. Thanks for the reply though.

Thanks to you for your interest!! :)

Hello! Would this work properly in AE CC 2015?

Hello CharlesBianco! I think this template will work properly in version CS4 and later, like CC. I proved it in CS6 and it’s perfectly working too.

Okay great, i’ll give it a shot. Also, is there a way to make any of the elements stay for more than 0:10? I like the vertical one and would like to use it for a picture-in-picture purpose, maybe like 25-30 seconds…

Well, the template was set for:10 duration. Of course all elements are there, if you know about After effects, you may manipulate everything, but that will represent an extra work from your side… (for example adjust placeholder duration to 25 seconds, and the rest of layers to 25 seconds too). The good news are that the endings of all screen elements in this item are in a separate layer in RENDER comp (in case buyer want to make them shorter… or longer in your case) So you may modify by yourself all elements to a new duration, and place the “ending” wherever you want.