SciFi Space Pack (4K)

SciFi Space Pack (4K)

SciFi Space Pack (4K)

Please note: This is NOT a customizable After Effects template. This is a stock video / motion graphics pack.

This is the 4K Version of the pack. For the HD version, visit HERE.

Essential Information:
  • Three individual shots (60 seconds TOTAL video time)
  • One exterior shot of a scout craft, flyby
  • One interior shot of the scout craft, with two mother-ships flying forwards into view
  • One exterior slybyshot of two mother-ships, with a third mother-ship arriving out of hyperspace at the end
  • 3840×2160p resolution (4K)
  • 24 Frames per second only
  • High-bandwidth, wide color-space H264 file format (80mbps target / 100mbps max)

Great for:
  • Establishing shots
  • Transition shots
  • Space adventure
  • Flight Shots
About frame rates:
  • 24fps (provided) is perfect for traditional film / cinema applications.
SciFi Space Pack (4K) - 1
Music and sound is NOT included
If you like the music featured in this pack, it is called ‘Adventure in Space’, by DeepFriedTracks.

You can purchase it HERE.

Preview images:
SciFi Space Pack (4K) - 2

SciFi Space Pack (4K) - 3

SciFi Space Pack (4K) - 4

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