SciFi Space Pack (4K)

SciFi Space Pack (4K)

SciFi Space Pack (4K)

Please note: This is NOT a customizable After Effects template. This is a stock video / motion graphics pack.

This is the 4K Version of the pack. For the HD version, visit HERE.

Essential Information:
  • Three individual shots (60 seconds TOTAL video time)
  • One exterior shot of a scout craft, flyby
  • One interior shot of the scout craft, with two mother-ships flying forwards into view
  • One exterior slybyshot of two mother-ships, with a third mother-ship arriving out of hyperspace at the end
  • 3840×2160p resolution (4K)
  • 24 Frames per second only
  • High-bandwidth, wide color-space H264 file format (80mbps target / 100mbps max)

Great for:
  • Establishing shots
  • Transition shots
  • Space adventure
  • Flight Shots
About frame rates:
  • 24fps (provided) is perfect for traditional film / cinema applications.
Music and sound is NOT included
If you like the music featured in this pack, it is called ‘Adventure in Space’, by DeepFriedTracks.

You can purchase it HERE.

Preview images:

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