Sci-Fi City Pack 2 - Window Shots (1080P)

Sci-Fi City Pack 2 - Window Shots (1080P)

Sci-Fi City Pack 2 – Window Shots (1080P version)

Please note: This is NOT a customizable After Effects template. This is a stock video pack.
This is the 1080P version of this pack. For the 4K version, please visit HERE
This pack contains:
  • Five individual shots
  • Each shot is 20 seconds long
  • Each shot is static and features moving traffic (flying cars)
  • Each shot has 3 versions available: 60fps, 30fps and 24fps
  • The shots are NOT loopable (you will need you loop yourself if required)
  • Shot #5 is presented as a still image with an optional 20 second reflection video to overlay on top. Overlay the reflection by using either “Add” or “Screen” blend mode
The shots are presented as high-quality, high-bandwidth (40mbps target / 50mbps max) H264 videos in full 1080P resolution (1920×1080 pixels). I apologize for not being able to supply lossless or uncompressed video formats, but VideoHive’s file-size limit prohibits something this large.

About motion blur:

None of the clips in this pack contain motion blur. This was deliberate as a frame rate of 60fps virtually eliminates motion blur, therefore it was redundant. Even in the 30fps and 24fps versions there is no motion blur, giving users the choice weather or not they would like to add it.

To add motion blur to the shots yourself in After Effects, you can use the built in “Pixel Motion Blur” plugin that comes with AE, and customize the level of motion blur in each shot to your liking!

Great for:
  • Scene / Shot Backdrops (green/blue screen your actors into the shots)
  • Stablishing Shots
  • Establishing an environment / setting
About frame rates:
  • 60fps is great for ultimate smoothness of motion, and great for “next gen” technology. It is also great for Games (PC or console) as it matches the desired higher gameplay frame rates.
  • 30fps is great for standard video or television applications, giving the appearance of smooth motion while being compatible with most commercial technology.
  • 24fps is perfect for traditional film / cinema applications.
Music and sound is NOT included
If you like the music featured in this pack, you can purchase it HERE.


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