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Amazing Wokr ! Great Creepy Mood!

Thanks m8 :)

just purchased scary titles for 22. dollers go to download it and its zip locked file not happy thats bullshit :X

This is not suppose to happen. It works fine with me an its the first time i hear a complaint like this. Please contact support about this so they can help you out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

sorry for jumping the gun but first time using your sit . got it to work amazing stuff to us helps out a lot. thank you for all help

how can I change the text color ?

If you open the text comp. You can select the text layer and change the color in the color panel. I am currently not in a positon to acces the file so if you encounter problems please email me through my profile so i can troubleshoot with you. Best of luck.

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Can this be scaled to any size?

It is prepared in 1280×720 so scaling down shouldn’t be any problem. If you wanna scale up the project to 1080p it has to be done carefully though. Since the text objects and background graphics can pixelate, and get out of relative proportion.

Let me know if i can be of any assistance. You can contact me through my profile. Thanks for your interest.

Just wondering why I still can’t purchase this!

I don’t quite understand what you mean? You can purchase it with clicking on the ’’purchase” button next to the price.

This is cheeky I know but I really need a copy of this for free because the school do not allow us to purchase templates or editing software to enhance our media however I have after effects and I would love a copy of this to complete my media peace i really believe this would push my A please can anyone send me a copy or even just a tutorial on how to get the text transition how it is? please reply!

kind regards


Will this template work in CS6? Thanks.

Mr. Mass, Thanks for your great work. I purchased the template. When I attempt to use it it states.. “After Effects: this project must be converted from version 9.0 (Windows) and will open as an untitled project. The original file will be unchanged”. It will display the titles, but the background graphics are missing and it is displaying bars. Any advice will be greatly appreciated and again thanks for your creations.

Hi again and thanks for your purchase. The message you got when opening the file is normal. Also the pictures are not included in the project, like most projects here on VH the images you see displayed in the previews are for example purposes mostly, very rarely do you see the images included. If you want to find these specific images please email me through my profile and i will send you the links. Thanks again and best of luck with the file.

Thanks for your help sir. Have a great week.

I love the look of this, but I’d need something in 1080p, as I’m shooting on RED. Any chance of this being re-released in that format?

Thanks! Regardless, great looking project!

Might consider upgrading it! Can’t promise it though, thanks for the interest :)

Fair enough, and thanks for the reply! Well, if it gets upgraded in the next two months, you’ll have a sale, because that’s when I start post. :-)

Hi, Im interested to get this but would need it to be in 1080. Are you able to help me with that?

Hi, your new updated 1080 track like there’s a problem with the intro. The logo is not shown in full. Are you able to fix it? Cheers

Its working already with CC 2015. But not the CS6 version

Hello sorry for the late reply, i found the issue you’r having. In the master comp simply remove the ‘Fill’ effects that is on both the “Logo Intro’’ Layers. The fill effect doesn’t work with some logo’s. Please let me know if this fixed the issue for you. And happy holidays! :)

logo intro still not working… (and yes, i followed your instructions above…)

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties getting it to work and my apologies for the late reply. Please contract me through my profile (email) so i can assist you with it if needed.


gwen25 Purchased

Hello , I am French, I use a translator so desolate if everything is not coherent. Here is my problem: When I run your file “SCARY TILES 1080p (CS6) .aep” that I buy, CS6 tells me that I miss 3 files since the project registration. it is missing 2 audio file and 1 video so I could not work on it Thanks for your help


gwen25 Purchased

Bonjour, j’ai un problème de métrage manquant. quand je clique droit pour le remplacer ou recharger il ne trouve pas de correspondance. Quelqu’un saurait-il m’aider ? Merci