Scary Skulls Transitions (Overlay Clips)

Scary Skulls Transitions (Overlay Clips)

Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_08_min Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_24_min Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_38_min Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_42_min Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_56_min Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_66_min Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_68_min Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_126_min Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_127_min Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_128_min Scary_Skulls_Transions_Overlay_Clips_129_min

Use in a single end product, free or commercial. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

10 different Scary overlay clips (transitions) with 8 set of different Coloring, Glitch effects and glowing effect a total of (80 clips) in 8 categories.

Every clip can be used as over-layer (blending mode, Add – Lighten – Screen) in after effects and other editing software

An example of all the clips can be viewed in the preview video. Sound fx included.

• The package includes 411 MB of 80 different full HD 1080×1920 clips ready to be used, drag & drop.

• Sounds FX are included.

• Design for add & Blending Modes

• All the clips are rendered in MOV- H.264 and are compatible with all editing software’s.

• No plug-in need it.

• Music is not included, audio track in Video Preview, is made by MarcinKlosowski at:


1) There are 8 different sections in this transition and every section hold 10 clips with different coloring.

2) There is many different coloring with glowing effects in each of the clips, depends what you like to use it for.

3) There is at list 4 different glitch effect for every clip, build specifically for fast transition and maximum scary impact on the viewers.

4) Each and every clip has been specifically, masked, designed and animated inside after effects.

5) Every each clip has its own unique masking coloring, glitch, and glowing effect.

6) There has been rendered in 32 bit channel inside after effects for maximum details and pixel.

7) Furthermore they all have been color correct it, inside Davinci result for more Ghostly and Scary looks.

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