Discussion on Sandstorm Motion Kit

Discussion on Sandstorm Motion Kit

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When purchasing am i able to use it for commercial use?

Hello. It depends on what you mean by commercial use, as that term tends to get misinterpreted. You can sell the end product you create with the tool, and you can create unlimited end products, but you cannot include the tool with the end product. Here’s Envato’s official documentation on the Tools license:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Bonjour le plug-in ne fonctionne ni sous after effect ni sous photoshop ???? erreur de script dans les deux cas (et je suis le tuto…) normal ?

Hello. It sounds like you are getting an error in AE and/or Photoshop – double check the error with our FAQ page here for troubleshooting solutions:

If the solutions don’t work on that page for you, please reach out to me directly at and let me know the details and I’ll get back to you right away!

Hi, so I’m trying Sandstorm in AE and when I’m getting to the point with brushes and paint tool both are “unavailable” – gray, I mean I cannot change Opacity or Flow in Paint window nor the Brushes settings. I work with jpg.

Hello. Can you send screenshots of your set up to and I’ll take a look right away!

I’ve sent screenshot and awaiting your response.

Hello, I just replied to your email, let me know if you have any trouble receiving it!

Hey Thomas, I got a problem with the photoshop plugin. I get the error Select command not available at the Select layer Layer 10. My Image size is 3500 72pbi.

Hello BeneCrack, try out the troubleshooting solutions found on the FAQ page here: Note that it says it’s for the ‘Dispersion’ action, but it’s actually for all Sevenstyles’s Photoshop Actions.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, please feel free to reach out directly at and we’ll get it fixed for you right away!

sick effect! well done!

hey, is it possible to animate the sand to an audio spectrum, like a visualizer?

Hello BeneCrack, I apologize for the slow response! I was away on vacation and just returned to my computer. At this time that is not supported – specifically because the product is designed for looping, and it wouldn’t be possible to loop and allow custom sand variations based off external sources (like audio spectrums) while still looping, at least not within the 4 second loop.

Hello, sorry I want to buy this project, but I made mistake I bought the other project like to this only for photoshop, could I change my project? thanks

Hello. Sure, message me at and we can work it out.

I just sent you, thanks

Got it, just replied!

have tried everything but it just doesnt work. at best i get a static effect and no animation

Hello. No problem, I’m here to help – can you reach out to me directly at and describe what’s happening in more detail? Are you receiving an error? If possible, include screenshots of the issue so I can get a better idea of what the issue might be.

I really love this script, however… Lots of expression errors in AE16 CC (latest release). Any chance of an update? Cheers Dave

Hi Dave! CC2019 isn’t quite ready yet, I have some updates in the works for the latest version – for now, what I recommend is to disable the new Javascript Engine until the next update.

To do that, go to your project settings, then “Expressions” and there change it to the legacy engine.

If you have any questions about that or need visual examples of where to find that setting just reach out at!

Thank You, that worked a treat. Cheers Dave

I’m getting errors. I sent to you an email please check your inbox.

Hello. I just replied to your email, let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Thomas. When I imported the script to AE and selected window—> Sandstorm, I get a prompt with dimensions and frame rate asking me to select a still image to replace your file. When I try to select anything, I get an error – path is not valid. It seems to be looking for file. I’m not sure how to resolve an get to work. Appreciate your help. Thank you.

Hello, it sounds like the Motion Kit Assets are not installed properly. Double check that those are installed exactly like in the tutorial, a lot of times place the wrong folder in their ScriptUI Panels folder.

Feel free to send over screenshots to and I can take a look and see if it’s set up properly!

Hi Thomas. I am missing the sandstorm export action in my downloads folder. I’m using the CC 2019 Photoshop version. How can I get a hold of this action? Thank you.

We no longer support the workflow from Photoshop to AE, as the new workflow and results are much better than v1! You may be watching the previous versions tutorial, be sure to check out the latest version here:

Kind of disappointed. I thought this was exactly what I was looking for, but it turns out it’s exclusively for use on photos. I thought the after effects compatibility meant it would also be useful on video projects, but I was wrong. Definitely disappointed. I guess I’ll have to keep searching for something else.

Hello. First off, really sorry the product won’t work for you! I understand what you mean, but unfortunately the issue with applying the effect to video is the isolation of object (rotoscoping, green screen), not necessarily the way the effect is applied.

I’m more than happy to offer a refund for any of my products if you’re not 100% happy with them, just reach out to and we’ll get it taken care of.

Presale question: Can the final photo be saved as GIF to show the animated sandstorm effect? I would like to post my photos on Facebook, for example to show the coolness of the sandstorm :-) Thanks.

Hello. Absolutely, the process would be to create the video render and then bring that into Photoshop (or whichever video editing application you use) and export the video as a gif.

Note that I go over this in the tutorial for the Shimmer Motion Kit, but the process would be the same for Sandstorm Motion Kit. Here’s the section where I discuss that so you can get a feel for the process:

If you have any questions at all please let me know!


When I create a comp using the plug-in it is limiting the duration to 12 seconds. I need the comp to be 1 minute. When I manually adjust the duration, after 12 seconds I get a blank grey screen….

The sand effect does actually begin at frame one (including color effects) . It is completely off at frame 0 and begins fading in on frame 1, but the sand takes a few seconds to be visible from that point. What I would do is render out the in-loop-out and just trim the render in Premiere.

The way it’s set up is that it builds for 4 seconds, loops for 4 seconds, then fades for 4 seconds, so you could just render out the in-loop-out and delete the last 4 seconds of the render, or adjust the render output so it only renders 8 seconds instead of 12.

Thanks, quick other support question, I’m trying to load it on my windows laptop and I can get the UI panel to appear in AE but the effects don’t load.

I’ve copied the folder/script file to: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2018\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

Sure, did you place the “(Motion Kit Assets)” folder into the ScriptUI Panels folder? If not, be sure to place that in there and restart AE for it to take effect.

Can you render any smoke without a clip ? (AE)

Hello. I believe you are asking if you can create the Sandstorm effect without an image or video clip. You need a source for the effect to work, but it could be as simple as a solid layer in AE, so you wouldn’t technically need an image or video clip to use the effect.

Another option is to run the effect on an image and disable the source layer so you are only seeing the results, but I would only recommend this for advanced users as it’s not supported within the product.

Hi, Running the DOWN action in the latest photoshop CC version gives me a “The command “Move” is not currently available”, I’ve already look in the faq and didn’t find an answer. Do you have some?

Hello. Happy to help, can you reach out to me directly at and I’ll get you in touch with sevenstyles, he’s the Photoshop Action master, I handle everything on the AE side.

We need a fully updated plugin for current photoshop. I emailed you.

But is wasn’t working, there were numerous errors with the 2015+, Like five or six different recurrent errors. Your cohort that does the photoshop version has updated his single plugin file to include a 2018 folder, for $6 that one works.

Thank you very much for letting me know – I’ll look into this and get an update right away.

Oh no problem, adobe is a bear to keep up with. They cause people plugin problems ever time they update which is far too often in my opinion.

I love the effect! ... And now, I’m wanting to scatterize the picture in AE, in that, I have a logo that takes on a dust storm, but I want the logo itself to scatterize while the dust stays presents. In other words, the logo itself fades into the dust. Is this possible?

Hello! Technically, it’s not supported to do that with this particular product, but of course anythings possible in AE – the fastest way would probably to make two separate renders, one masking the logo fade and another using the effect on your logo. Then take the two renders and mask out sandstorm render to reveal the logo disintegrating.

Is it possible to separate effects from pictures in after effects?

Hello. At this time it’s not supported, but it could be done.

Essentially the workflow would be to disable the brushed layer in the construct phase of the set up. If you have any troubles with that I’ll try to accommodate, but again it’s not officially supported.