Rooftop Matchups

Rooftop Matchups

Rooftop Matchups is a high-energy sports matchup package. Perfect for any sport, especially Football, Soccer, Baseball or Hockey. Easily insert your logos, text, photos and stats! Since everything is pre-rendered, render times are fast!

Totally modular! String together your own promo or use the pieces separately. Many of the comps include alpha channels to wipe to footage.

Rooftop Matchups - 1

Rooftop Matchups is completely pre-rendered, so no extra plugins are required. That also means that the camera moment and timing can’t be changed. Music and sound effects not included.


  • Completely Modular
  • One Intro Comp
  • 4 Types of Matchup (with 3 copies of each)
    • 3 Matchups with Alpha-transition
    • 2 Mathcups with Holds
    • three copies of each
  • 5 Types of Rooftop Text
    • Text Single w/transition
    • Text Single w/hold
    • Text Single B w/transition
    • Text Double w/transition
    • Text Tripple w/alpha transition
    • Three copies of each
  • 5 Types of Rooftop Screens (with 3 copies of each)
    • Stats for each screen
    • Screens Single (with and without Hold)
    • Screens Double
    • Screen Tripple
    • Three copies of each
  • 3 “Screen Slam” interstitials (with 3 copies of each)
  • No plugins required!
  • 1080p, 24fps

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