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great idea, well done!

Thank you Artem !

Very useful! Looks nice and shiny! Good luck!

Thank you Mihai.

Clean look and useful item. Sales up!

Thanks for your comment Redpik.

well done, friend! sleek design, useful all rounder! all the best with it!

I appreciate your comment m8. Best of luck to you too.

Hey, really loving the work you’ve put into this and it’s taken me ENDLESS searching to get here. Before I purchase, I want to be sure this will be able to do what i need it to do so was wondering if you or anyone else with similar uses could help me find out. I’m a a bit of a ‘noob’ so bear with my poor understanding. I’m creating a short film called Nathan, in which a young boy sets out to rid of every cigarette from his family home, by binning them at first and destroying them ever more extravagantly as time goes on. In the script, I have a ticker style countdown to appear on screen, representing each cigarette that Nathan destroys. This means that, rather than a perfectly timed countdown, I need complete control over when the numbers of the counter drop and how much by, for example, he throws away one cigarette and the counter goes down one, he destroys a packet and the counter rolls down 20 numbers and sticks there until he destroys more. Is this something that could be done with this project? Or if not, are you able to point me in the right direction. Thanks very much in advance, Elliot :D

I fully answered on your email. Thanks for your questions.

Best Regards

Perfect :) I have very basic After Effects skills and had this done and rendered in 10 minutes! Thanks!

I think I will go buy the flip one too :)

Hi I want to use this but need it to go up to a million would this be easy to do? Cheers Lynne

Hi LynneClear, unfortunately you can’t write numbers more than 4 digits. You can stick two compositions of 4 digits…


Damn, I kinda hoped for an expression that’d would have one slider for the total number. Also the text isn’t very easy to customise. Thanks anyway.

Hi s0phocles and thank you for your purchase and for your comment too. A slider to control the number is not difficult to create but would be quite hard for a user to input the precise number. Users mouse movement should be very precise to control the slider and to move it only one digit in plus or in minus so i considered is more comfortable to manually type the desired number.

Cool!!Great idea!!

Thank you

I am looking for a real countdown effect. However, after i input the start number and the end number, 4 digits are rolling at the same time. It doesn’t really do a count down from a number to a number

For example, my purpose is to countdown from 2015-1995. It doesn’t work

and… it is not HD, not even 720p

Hi thomas325, there is no reason to have the template in HD because it was meant to be used as a tool, to overlay any other graphics or video. In any case, the actual res 960×540 is large enough to embed it into an HD of fullHD project. And as I probably said in a few other comments, this is not a real countdown effect, it just makes a fast transition between two numbers of your choice imitating the reality.