Discussion on Rigmo - Rigged Character Animation Mockup

Discussion on Rigmo - Rigged Character Animation Mockup

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Hi! This product looks great, would it be possible to use Adobe Illustrator files instead of photoshop? That way you could use the continuous rasterisation switch to be able to zoom in further than the 110% that this is currently limited to.

Hy, this project reads the body parts from a PSD file. The PSD file is 200% bigger then the project’s resolution, so you can zoom a lot to the project if you need, but unfortunately there are limitations.
You can replace the character’s body parts with illustrator layers I think, but there are over 100 layers which takes a lot time to replace (Ok, you don’t need to use all the 100 layers, but there are 30-40 you need to replace). I hope it will help. If there are any additional issues or further queries, please feel free to ask.

Hello, I have a quick question. If I buy this template, may I use a character on a print poster for a client?

Yes you can use it on a print poster, and it’s just enough to buy a regular version.
For more details and examples here you can see the Videohive licenses:
Videohive License

First of all, very great job! Thank you very much for bringing us the possibility of working with this amazing characters ;) Now, I have a question. I have a problem with Eye States, and Mouth States. I change the numbers, but nothing seem to happen. This problem appeared with different characters (I’m working with Bob and Jenny). In the case of Bob, I ended copying the keyframes of another comp, and worked. But now I have the same problem with Jenny, and copy-paste doesn’t seem to work. I have the two characters in the same composition. In Jenny’s case, I imported just the rigged character.

Thanks again!

Oh my god! I’m really sorry that i didn’t answer you. I didn’t receive notification that there is a message. Really really sorry!
Unfortunately you can merge or import the files which include the rig only. And only you can this kind of files merge. So you can’t use the animated files together. Sorry for the bad news
Is there anything else I can help you with?


I’ve added in my own character into the animations AEP for Bob and the body rig now looks ok.

But I’m getting a lot of trouble with the eyes. In a lot of the preset animations, the slider is on 0 at some points, which gives me no pupil at all (other slider numbers seem ok).

Then secondly, when the head moves down, the eyes don’t travel with it.

They seem to move at a greater distance, and so slip away from the face – then return to normal when his head moves back.

Do you have any advice on how to resolve this?

Hy, jeah, message sent! Please check your mail box

Hi, ok I’ve changed the layer order to see the pupils. Please look again at the ae file I sent: for instance at the 007_phone-bob anim. When the head moves down, the eyes don’t travel with it. They seem to move at a greater distance, and so slip away from the face – then return to normal when his head moves back. Many thanks

message sent :)

Hi, this project was perfect but i was dissapointed in a few things, if im wrong just email me. It seems this is made for a max size, if i use a camera or make any zoom for face i will loose quality. Is there a way to work with that? to just work with shapes.

to be able to zoom the compositions of the animations are bigger then the ordinary resolutions – 2800×2600px. This gives you the opportunity to zoom for the face. Because this project is Photoshop layer based unfortunately you can’t work with shapes to zoom flawless.

Hello, I have designed my own character in Photoshop. How to replace all layers at once in AE? I do not want to replace layers one by one. Can you help me out?

message sent, but i would like to leave it here maybe it will help for other people:

Change the name of the folder that includes the “Model_Sheet.PSD” or just rename it to “__Model_Sheet.PSD” or something like that then when you open the After effects file it will come in as missing. Then you need just replace one of the layers and it brings in all of the other layers at once.

Hi, I need a character like steve but with shirt and tie, and dark trousers and shoes. Can you help me? Thanks

Hy, I’m sorry, but I’m not available for freelance work. On Envato Studio you can easily find an artist who can help you.

Hi, can I ask for your advice please? I need to make my character talk, lipsyncing to an audio track.

For instance, say I want to make the animation 001_Stand__Bob talk. I can use “lipsyncr” to generate a composition of just the mouth parts. So I go to 02_Animations / 001 _Animation_Elements / 001_Stand__Bob and open the comp head1_001 Then I put my lipsyncr comp in the line above “mouth_states1”, align it, and pickwhip it to 1.Face_Position Then hide “mouth_states1”

Is that it? Is there anything I’ve forgotten? Is there a better way of doing it?

Guidance appreciated. Thanks, Linda

sorry but I think you can’t use lipsyncr with Rigmo. Rigmo’s structure is more different to use it with lipsyncr.
In Rigmo you can easily change the mouth expressions just click on the little head icon and change the “Mouth_States” slider.
I hope it will help.


Hy, I’m sorry but Kelvin isn’t included without the painted texture.
Kelvin is a reference / a demonstration that you can use textured characters too with Rigmo.
I’m sorry if you don’t like the painted texture, you can fill the layers or modify them in Photoshop.

Very nice work

Hi, this is fantastic thank you! I was wondering if you would consider updating the preset character model sheets to have layered/separated elements inside of smart objects? For example instead of the head just being a flat image, it could be a smart object with a separate layer for the hair & head. Thanks!

Hy, thanks for the kind words! :)
Thanks for the advice, it would be a great help for the users, but it would highly increase the size of the PSD files and slow down the work with the project file. If the user have a slower workstation he/she would hate me for the 100-200MB PSD files and slow project file :)
Please don’t get me wrong I highly appreciate your advice but it would be a risky feature.
If you have more idea for Rigmo don’t hesitate to write it down. Thanks! :)

Would you set up my character for me, I’ve a big job on and would appreciate you help. I’d pay you of coarse? Thanks Chris

Thank you for your inquiry about the customisation, but unfortunately I’m not available for freelance works right now. I hope you can find the person for the job, all the best!

is there any tutorial for inserting own character from scratch?

1. question: in the second videotutorial which is included I explain how you can draw and add your characte from scratch.
2. question:For example if you want to use Jenny’s rig, you need to overwrite the Model_Sheet.PSD which belongs to this rig (001_Footages/006_Animation__Jenny/Model_Sheet.PSD) and it will reload in After Effects.

Please help me to re-arrange layers of my character. if i do it in animation composition, it only set in that animation, how can i set it for all. pic for reference

Hy, sorry for the late reply.
You can change the layer orders if you click on the “shy layer icon” and move the layers in the layer list up or down. Unfortunately you need to repeat this in all the animation compositions you use.

I hope it will help. If there are any additional issues or further queries, please feel free to ask.

Hi, I am having a lot of trouble rigging my character. Can you help me rig it for a fee?

Hy, thank you for your inquiry about the customisation, but sorry I’m not available for freelance works right now. If there are any additional issues or further queries, please feel free to ask.

Thanks for the reply. I like the idea of Rigmo but as others have written here; it takes so long to set up that using another tool would be easier/faster

Hello I love the pre made characters! I am having trouble with my own character rig. it renders very slow. is there any thing i am missing ?

you can change the fast preview settings here:

And here are a few tips how to Improve After Effects performance. I hope it will help.
What is you computer’s specification?

Hi, do you have the vectors of these characters, I would like to blow them up to in print support videos.

Hy, unfortunately the characters was created in Photoshop only and because the goal was that the PSD files need to be small as possible all layers was rasterized. Unfortunately there is no vector version sorry.

Hi There, I’ve got one question.

I’m looking to create 4 separate character animations that will each be based on one of your pre-made characters; Steve. (I’ll be designing 4 characters that look slightly different to eachother)

Do I create 4 ‘Steve’ after effects files and 4 ‘Model_sheet’ psd files?

Great stuff on the software, really looks great.

If you are looking to use 4 pre-made animations that I created you need to render them first then import them into the main project file.
If you are looking to use 4 different rigged characters with theirs rigging system you can import only the “Rig” .AEP files. Unfortunately you can’t use the “Animations” .AEP files together.
To use multiple AEP files together separate or duplicate them first and use the same file structure:
PSD file: 001_Footages/002_Animation__Steve/Model_Sheet
AEP file: CC2015 or CS5_5-CC2014/002_Steve__Rig_CC2015
I hope it will help if there are any additional issues or further queries, please feel free to ask.

Hi, I’m having trouble with the mouth states. In most comps it’s fine but when I duplicate comps (using true comp duplicator and having update expressions ticked), the mouth animates like the original comp even when I delete the keyframes and add new ones. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks

Hy, you can duplicate only the AEP files which include the rig only. The AEP files which include the 40 character animations are non-duplicatable. If you want to import one of the included animations into an another character’s AEP file first you need to render it (to mov, avi, etc. ) then import this video file into the another AEP file.
I hope it will help if there are any additional issues or further queries, please feel free to ask.

Hi, i have watched your video and i am interested, however i would like to ask, i noticed the video is moving in an animated method, will that be the final product or will it be smooth?

Hi, I am a completely new after effects user, so I have troubles working with complex projects in After Effects. And I want to make a video only from pre made scenes. So, I have a question. Is it possible to make a character to point not right, but left, in “pointing” pre made scene? And make a character to appear not from right, but from left side of the screen, in “appear” pre made scene? Is it possible to make changes like that quickly, without creating a new scene and rigging a character from scratch? Thanks for answering my question!

you can easily change the direction of the pre made compositions, just change the scale value to -100 in horizontal dimension. So the animation will flip.
You can change the character from scratch also.
Before purchase i could recommend to watch the videotutorials, maybe it will help to decide: