Discussion on Rigmo - Rigged Character Animation Mockup

Discussion on Rigmo - Rigged Character Animation Mockup

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i get a “DUIK_two_layered_ik” error.. cant reverse the IK of an arm!.. urgent!

The checkbox to flip does not work.. also it says missing plugin!..

Hy, sorry for the late reply.
I tested it with the new DUIK Bassel plugin and the old one too but I can’t find problem with the funcion of that checkbox.
When you open one of the Rigmo AEP file without any modification the checkbox still does not work? Did you try to reinstall Duik?
Could you please send me your project files to take a look what is wrong here? You can upload it to wetransfer for example and send me the shared link via my my profile page. It is a trusted service. Thanks

I got a few questions, when I add like a hat or a mustache to my character and do any changes on Photoshop, when I open the project, only a fraction of the changes gets imported and in the wrong dimensions. Is there any way to fix this? I can email you if that is bette.r

I’m interested in your product but the only issue regards the fact that you cannot import and tweak single characters inside an AE project. Did you manage to find a workaround?

Does this work with AE 2018 or 2019?

Hy, yes Rigmo work with version 2018 and 2019 too.

Hi, when I change the ‘Neck_States’ in the ‘Copy_Me’ comp they don’t change. I have found that it works in the ‘000_Start_Position__Bob’ comp but no other comp works. As a work around I have been replacing the layer with the neck I need. Can you help to fix this? What / where is the expression that the Neck_States slider talks to? Many thanks Dan

Hy, thank you for the purchase!
I see, that the expressions are wrong.
Fortunately we can fix them just need to modify the wrong expressions a little bit. Here you can see the video how you can solve it.
Neck Fix It will fix the problem. Of course if you can send me your project files via my profile page I update the expressions in your project ASAP.

Thank you for your patience! :)

If there are any additional issues or further queries, please feel free to ask.

I am trying to do some lip sync and use my mouth and eye elements. When I do this the “states” controller does not change the states. If I add anything to the *states comp the ability to animate these states goes away. Am I missing something? I have spent days creating this character to work within your rig system, but somehow the states option no longer works.

Hy, the name convention is the key. Please check the name of your layers in Phtoshop to be sure that they are exact the same as in the image “03_Layer_List.jpg”.
If you can send me your project files via my profile page i will take a look what is the problem. Thanks

I want to buy this extended license for my videos which are uploaded on my youtube channel. Can I buy and use this one?

Hy Wool_P you can use Rigmo for your videos on youtube.

Hi, I made a custom character, this one is more proportional realistic, example the head is a lot smaller than the example characters, I am wondering if there’s an extra video tutorial to solve this because its messing up the entire animations, or do you give the service to set it up for a payment or something?

How to create a Kid/Child not an adulte based on Steve template/style ?

Having a huge issue with this – it may be to do with AE having changed, but, the layer connections seem to be broken, and the puppet is displaying multiple layers of each element all at the same time. So, for example, every head is showing, regardless of resetting the body parts to the default (as the warning box demands). It’s the same issue with all designs in the rig, and in the animations. It’s unusable.

Hi there! I need help figuring out how to use this. I’ve tried to follow the videos but I don’t understand. Is there anyway I can get extra support? Thank you.

Dear Sir,

I recently bought this rig. I have some issues. I’m working on AE 2020. It’s working with this version?.

The issues appears when i’m working on an animation. I tried over a preanimated compo and in a new one. (For the new one I use the duplicator script)

Sometimes, I get an error, I was animating and controls didn`t work and when I reopen the aep all the setup was broken. Even some code has dessapeared.

In other situation, I was anitmating a basket jump and the original animation comp is small than I need and when I make it bigger all the setup broke down. We are working on a animation that we must deliver in two days, please if you could answer as soon as possible I will be very grateful.


Can i use 2 animations into one comp ex. walking and talking? When i imported the animation character into new comp the character is reversed the directions, How can i fix that?

Hi! I contacted you via the creartdesign mailform but didn’t get response, so I’ll try it here. I purchased rigmo and I’m going to make an animation with Bob, but I need more characters. Is there perhaps a vector-version of Bob, so I can create some characters based on him? I know it has to be a photoshop document eventually but they seem to be drawn in Illustrator before that.

Or are there more characters in the same style that I can download/buy somewhere? I looked on shutterstock and adobe stock but there’s nothing there that’s similar

I googled a while and found a secretary behind the same desk and a real-estate guy in the same style. Did you make them? If you made those, can I buy a number of those characters from you? Or can you create some for me?


Greetings, Maikel

Hy Maikel, yorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately the source file has been lost. The characters have been created by myself, you can’t find them on other sites. I made them entirely in Photoshop can’t help you with Illustrator files.
I’m sorry but unfortunately I’m not available for freelance jobs right now but I’m sure you can find the best artist for your project on Envato Studio

Hi, Love your product. I need help connecting my file, is there any way we could get in touch? The start position character is not matching up and I need help to see why it’s not matching up with any of the others. Please help! Thanks!

Hey so did more digging and yes, re-importing the reference layers brought them in. Now there is just an issue of positioning the reference layers in the right spot because the reference layer that is fixed isn’t positioned in the right spot. Any clues how to fix that?

It is opening the imported reference layer as a 5300×4800 size layer

Ok im a dummy, make sure you choose “Layer Size” when importing, not document size! Sorry guys, hope this helps a lot of people with the above issues! Looks good so far, will let you know if anything else pops up!

Hi, just purchased this and we are experimenting with the character design. I noticed when I make an illustration (layer) bigger in photoshop, it shifts the body part in After Effects, and then the right or bottom part gets cropped out. Is there any way we can: — keep the center the same, so it moves outward in both directions — increase the crop area?

Using After Effects CC2020

Hi, I have been trying to use this all day, I have most things sorted but my hands and feet keep breaking away from the arms/legs and the tutorial isn’t very clear how to fix this. Please can you help?

Hello! Can I use the ready set character for commercial use?

Hi, only purchased this yesterday after reading the comments I was a little weary of the outcome when I read so many comments saying that the model_sheet/PSD file on import into AE has their characters in disorder. I put together a quick character as a test using the blank model sheet provided and used one view (front view) I didn’t change anything and included the needed layers in the reference folder of the PSD file. On import the head and neck are detached from the body, each of the facial parts is displaced and the hands aren’t even visible? It is a bit of a mock-up of a result? I have tried re-importing the file as you do suggest in your tutorial video but it makes no difference. If I don’t receive any reply soon I will demand a refund. Thks