Logo Reveal | 3D Logo Beneath Fabric

Logo Reveal | 3D Logo Beneath Fabric

an elegant epic logo reveal which comes in 2 separate versions in one single package; V1 requires no plugins and V2 benefits from the power of Element 3D Plugin.


  • 2 Separate Versions in One Package
  • V1 Features
    • No Plugins Required
    • Customizable Colors (only)
    • Short Render Time
    • Very Easy to Customize
    • Light-Weighted
    • Detailed Video Tutorial
  • V2 Features
    • works with Element 3D Plugin
    • Vast Customizability
    • Direct It Yourself
    • 60+ Minutes of Very Detailed Video Tutorial
    • Full 3D
  • 2 Text Holders
  • Universalized
  • Realistic
  • Supportive Author  :)


  • Not included … can be purchased from HERE


This template includes a decent intro for your logo showing a piece of fabric flying in the air and falling down on your logo and then someone somehow takes the fabric away and your logo will be revealed.

All of the cloth animations are been made and rendered (for version 1) in 3DSMax, so there will be no customization for the animation and the way fabric moves but there are a lot of things you can customize in order for making your desired logo reveal.

In version 1, these features are customizable:

  • Fabric Color
  • Fabric Color Saturation, Tint, Brightness, Contrast
  • Logo Bumpiness Height and Softness
  • Background Colors
  • Texts Color, Position, Scale, Rotation
  • Logo Shininess
  • Optical Flares Opacity and Color
  • Vignette Effect Opacity

In version 2, thanks to the power of Videocopilot Element 3D plugin, You can almost customize everything. only the cloth animation cannot be changed as it is an OBJ Sequence. You can define a texture for the cloth, you can direct the animation by tweaking the cameras, you can create a 3D scene for the cloth to fly in, you can create a real 3D Logo and change its look, and so on.

There is a customization menu in each of the versions in order to simplify your customization workflow.

Thanks to all those who have bought this template already, Hope you guys download this update as a gift and have fun. and Thanks to all those who are going to buy this, hope you enjoy it.

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Version 1+2: (09/05/2017):
   - added a separate version which works with Element 3D as version 2
   - restructured version 1
   - fixed some issues with version 1
   - universalized
   - added optical flares
   - redesigned the revealing part
Version 1.0 (04/10/2013):
   - It was created


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