Discussion on RETRO Style

Discussion on RETRO Style

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this is just 120% creative! You are amazing Alex…this thing is so beautiful!! The music is excelent!

btw, love the quote…can I give you some of my quotes for your next project? lol…

bookmarked…getting this soon for a client’s project .. ;)

:D Thanks Daniel! Your comments always cheer up! From you I will accept any quote! ;)))

Smooooth man :) I love it. Very creative indeed. Very well executed.. with style. Nice!

Regards inlife

Thank you, InlifeThrill Pro! :)

great job! colors, text animations, shadows, sound… fits perfectly!



Very nice project! Simple yet powerful and stylish looking! Wish you many sales!

good job on this, very well done

dorde, felt_tips, Stefoto, graphic4444, Thanks guys! :) As always a pleasure to read your comments! Thanks again!

LOOOOOVE THIS ONE .. Your work is awasome Wayman :)

vaynah, Thanks! This time wanted to do something simple and easy, and at the same time useful to buyers. :)

I too watch closely an exit of your new works! ;)

Yo Wayman,the vimeo video is set to private. Just a heads up,very nice work!

uniquefx, thanks! Has corrected. :)

Man, what a best seller. Congratulations!

Carl, thanks! ;)

Is specified in the Item Attributes: Requires plugin = YES

You wrote that does not require plugins (Point 5: There are NO PLUGINS )

I do not understand

Sorry. Already changed :) Any additional plug-ins are not required.

Awesome file, I love the originality and the sounds are included!!!, This was a no-brainer, purchased immediately…

Easy to edit and customize, fresh look, can be used in a variety of ways.

Great work!!!!


Thanks for the feedback! :bigsmile:

Really it is very pleasant to see feedback from buyers.

Hello, WhiteWay is not available anymore at 911fonts. I got it at azfonts but there is just the letters&numbers… Do you know something similar ? Very nice job you have done…

Thanks for the info!

I think there are technical works. But anyway, please go to my profile and send a message, I will send you another link.

Best Regards,

amazing will buy it now

I have question do you have sound effect files separately not included with the music…


Thank you for your purchase! Unfortunately, these sound effects only with music.

NP thanks Wayman…

Great animation! Nice job.