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Nice one, like it.

Thanks :)

Great work.. Good luck..

Thanks a bunch :)

Hi, I can’t use this template. I can’t drag and drop it on the time line premiere

Do you have the right version of premiere and AE? The CC 2019? Also, when dragging the mogrt to the timeline, be patient. Mogrts tend to be laggy when dragging them to the project.

Thank for your help, now Works fine.

Great. Thanks for buying.

It says I need to update to the latest version of premier pro but I did that already, I have After Effects but it’s just the 7 day trial run could that be my issue? Please help thanks.

That would be my best guess. I tested it and it should work fine with Premiere Pro and AE CC 2019. Have you had any trouble with other mogrts or just this one?

Hi, Premiere won’t let me import this – it says I need to update to the latest version but I already have… :/

I tested the mogrt with 2 machines and everything seems to be working on my end. Could you send me your email? I’ll send you the tested version. Let’s see if that works.

I can’t open the file in after effects.

I sent you a link via google drive.

What’s your email? I can’t find it. Also, if you’re granting access you can send to

I sent you a new email. The link should work now.