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This is very cool!)

Thank you :)

Good work !!


Stylish, elegant, beautiful! Another cool work, from you! :)

Thank you Wayman :)

Cool work buddy!!! ;)

good work, vaynah

Great work!

how can I duplicate slide ?


The easiest way would be to do it with comp duplicator which you can get for free from aescripts

But it’s also fairly easy to do it without it. 1. Duplicate the “scene” composition. 2. Duplicate the EDIT folder of that respective scene 3. Open the new duplicated scene 4. Select all the placeholder comps, then while holding “ALT” drag and drop the new duplicated placeholder onto the selected old placeholder inside the scene. 5. Do the same with the text comps. 6. Now you can change the new placeholder and text and it will update inside the new duplicated scene.

Hi, is it possible to change the background colors?

Hi there,

Yes, the colour can be changed from within the individual scene/slide. Select the top “CTRL” layer and in the effects window there will be option to change the colours.

Hi Vaynah, when I open the Project it gives me this error: “This project contains 114 references to missing effects. Please install the following effects to restore these references. (“CC RepeTile,” CC Light Sweep). How to fix that? Thank You.

Hi there,

CC effects come as standard with After Effects. If you do not have them then you are either using a trial version or they simply didn’t install in which case you just need to reinstall the software.

Thank You Vaynah for the quick reply. Yes in my case I am using a trial version. Thanks

hola, acabo de comprar, pero no funciona en mi mac. por favor necesito ayuda

Hi, I just bought, but does not work on my mac. I need help please


It really is just put in your images and it is ready. Did you read the instructions, it’s very simple. In each of the Scenes folders will be an EDIT folder that has the placeholders where you replace images and text

OK, now you understand, thank you very much! It works perfect!

please, put the placeholder and time info, is very important to know this

Hi there,

Each slide is up to 15 seconds long, but it can be extended further.