Red Cubes Massive 3D

Red Cubes Massive 3D

Red Cubes Massive 3D  - 1 From a quick 2d motion graphics animation, a new huge 3d prerendered world opens. You’ll fly trough it, revealing three different video placeholders with three text labels. The cubes, chaotic at the beginning, will find their place into a grid, revealing, in the end, your logo.

Red Cubes Massive 3D  - 2 Done in Cinema4d, we spent a lot of time compositing all the passes, being careful to compress the final prerendered video without losing any quality (Quicktime PNG video).

All your text it’s controlled, through expressions, via just ONE COMP, able to update all the other comps in the project. Easy, quick, done.

You can change, again with a handy control panel, noise, vignette, hue and saturation of the video. The render time is below 30 minutes for these amazing 30 seconds.

We created the flares manually, without using any plugin. What does it mean? It means that we are delivering a totally new animation, no presets, no plugins, everything is built from scratch!

A in-depth pdf help file, with a lot of screenshots, will show you how to customise this template.

Red Cubes Massive 3D  - 3 Watch the preview in HD on Vimeo!

Red Cubes Massive 3D  - 4

  • After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6
  • Full HD 1080p (1920*1080px)
  • 30 Fps
  • NO plugins
  • Total running time: 0:28
  • Audio not included
  • 3 video/image placeholders
  • 3 text labels placeholders
  • Customize all your text, USING JUST ONE COMP!
  • Tweak everything you want through an handy custom panel
  • Fast rendering (approx. 30 minutes)

Red Cubes Massive 3D  - 5 The song is Diastema, you can find it already mixed and cut down for this video, on my Audiojungle page! Red Cubes Massive 3D  - 6

Red Cubes Massive 3D  - 7 Red Cubes Massive 3D  - 8Red Cubes Massive 3D  - 9Red Cubes Massive 3D  - 10