Discussion on Rectangle (Business Presentation)

Discussion on Rectangle (Business Presentation)

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Clean and great work! Well done :)

Thank you invidieohive :)

Great job man:)

Thank you okanakdeniz :)

Keep up the good work. Great project dude :)

Thank you Dvntart :)

Very clean project! :)

so i purchased this item im a newbie to after effects. i have CS4 and thought i could modify myself but im having an issue that i cant seam to figure out.

Basically im trying to remove scene 2 and 3. i want to go from the initial “Lifetopia presents” title and “Student housing made easy” subtitle then go directly to the images. every time i try to do what seams right and removing the 2 scenes i get the intro and then red for the rest of the video. i also tried to shrink the 2 scenes to like a second and then go to the images and still have the issue. can you please suply some help.


Hai Vdubau, thank’s for buying my project. send the email through my profile page. and i will send you the file with remove the scene 2 and 3.

Hai Vdubau, i send you the email.


Great job Yeremia! I am planning to buy this video presentation and I wonder: 1. if it is possible to turn off the movement effect in part of the screen for just one holder since I want people to see one video interview clearly? 2. can I also make one photo holder stay there for a longer time? 3. if I change any of these elements will this mess the entire composition? thanks a lot in advance, Al.

Hi abcot,

Thank you for interested in buying my project. About your question
  • 1. Yes. You can turn off the element effects in part of the screen
  • 2. Yes. But you need to change the duration of the keyframe
  • 3. In this project everything is customizable and well organize. You can change any of these elements, but you need a basic knowledge of After Effects.
  • If you need me to customize the project, feel free to contact me via my profile page and i will let you know the detail of this service.


    You are the best! Thanks for your quick reply. I will definitely contact you for more details if needed!

    Hi abcot,

    Feel free to contact me anytime. :)


    Very nice work !!!