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Very nice.

You have modeled that corpse? And your file size is amazing :). I think it’s closest to the limit on Videohive.

Nicely done.

Nemo, excellent work! In this project, as well as in last work, you managed to transfer atmosphere! Very professionally and in terms of modeling and in terms of directing. Well Done!

Thanks for the comments guys. The model’s base was taken from a poser 5 model and I took it into cinema 4d, restructured the face as well as the hands and feet…and breast. The face is inspired by a friend’s photo. She is a fan of horror so I took this project and went with it. Couple of photos of her skin, eyes, even hair sample and this is what came out. Big file size, yes, big project, lot of work went into this one. My third installation, I am a little worried about the censorship on that one but will see if it gets approved. Just keep checking in.


this is juts awesomeness!! Nemo great work!!! Are you planning to bring more stuff like this (Cinema and Poser stuff)???

Yes, I’m planning to use couple more horror scenes and move into just making very grotesque titles without any atmosphere.

Thanks for the comment.

The next one is going to be a crazy one, but will have a surprise comp only available to the ones who puchase ;)

VERY NICE GABE ! THANK YOU ! Hope you do more like this!


nemo I just payed for this item , great work. do u do cutom work? for people ?




Murder Toys (love the name); thanks for purchasing, to answer your question, yes, I do custom work for people, corporations, post production, etc.

for more info, I can be contacted directly here: contact.me@gabe-espinoza.com

Thanks again


is the model corpse replaceable? hmm this would be a good project for me. Let me know, u just save me ample of time if in case it can be replace. Great work.

The corpse is not replacable in the project file on VH however, I may be able to help you out on modifying the project to your specifications, email me @ contact.me@gabe-espinoza.com and send me a more detailed description of what you want to do and we’ll go from there.


Looking forward to your next project, blood in the bathroom was it ? Is it coming out this week ??

Hello, sorry, it’s been very busy past two weeks getting things out to clients. It’s called “Bedroom Massacre” and hopefully will be submitted either Monday or Tuesday, so probably getting “Hollywood Horror 3” and “Bedroom Massacre” submitted.

Thanks for tuning in.


Super, can’t wait. Love the fact that someone is doing darker, more macabre material. Looking forward to more of your art. Thanks again for all you do.

Not up yet, the anticipation…..............................

Is this compatible with CS4

yes, it should be, these were made in CS3 so it is capable of opening in CS4

Awesome !!! Exactly what I was looking for… Cheers

Does this come with all the sound and music?