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Hi , what software I need to edit it please?

After Effects CS4 or above (CC(all), CS6, CS5.5, CS5)

Hi again. Could I get the information on how to add questions please. Many thanks in advance

sent email

Hi pre purchase question. You have had a couple of questions about the amount of times that this can be used under license and refer them to terms and conditions.

I want to buy this and make a couple or maybe three or 4 different quizzes for myself and host on my YouTube channel. No clients or money just me making for myself.

Can you answer if this is possible please? A simple yes or no

Thanks in advance. The project looks great, congratulations and I look forward to what I hope will be good news.

Hi, in general, the Regular License meets all your needs. If you need more information follow the link

Thats great news that I can personally make several different quizzes with the general license. Many thanks for the clarification. I will make purchase soon

where is the e-mail for support? I bought this, I’m not sure how this works. It’s got all kinds of random stuff in it. Need to add 2 min 30 second for times + questions with choices + answers explanation. Will need to send you a sample please give your e-mail. Also add a support link. This is 1 star at best at the moment – bad product. Terrible support documentation

Hello – I have a quick question please – is the “timer” adjustable? Thank you!!

Yes, for sure! Just move a keyframe forward or backwards.

Hi! Great work! My aftereffects version is in German. Is that a problem? Txs! Ron

No, there are no expressions on tjhe project.

If I buy regular license can I use it multiple time for my YouTube channel.

I’m trying to modify the template to expand it to get 30 questions, any help for achieving this? I tried to copy and paste the modules inside the main timeline, but it seems there’s no “replace” function to change the questions from the original 5.

I tried sending you an email but got no answer, please let me know, Thank you!

Please send an email to

Please send me an email I need help with making a 10 question quiz

Sure ! also is the audio missing ?

Audio is not included as I mention on the project description

But look for the link

Hi, i would like to know if the images on the template in front of the answers also can be customised (imported from files), and in order to have more than 5 questions do i have to duplicate them? what if there are more than 4 answers? is that possible too? also the colour of the background and other colours are they all customisable?

Yes, all text, all color(use tint fx) and images can be customised. To have more answers just customize text and place the answer bar on the correct answer. Yes, you can duplicate all the comps to get a new question. If you buy the project I can send you an easy version to duplicate the questions as many as you want. Do you have any experience with AE? If not I can help you on customization.

hello, i purchased this tamplet but there is an issue … issue is that when i upload this theme as my after effect cc 2015 there is an error like unsupport file or damaged file … my blue background theme is unsupported … now what can i do please help me for this

Hi, i will take a look the project and email you soon. Please send me your email

sent you an email

I have two questions. How do I change the highlighted answers (e.g. from “c” to “a”, etc.)? Also, how do I add more questions? Thanks you.

Just move the layer up or down. To add more questions just dupicate the quiz and allnthe precomps inside until create a complete new quiz

Does this quiz template work with After Effects CC 2015?

With all versions from cs4 and above.

Great! I wrote you a note directly regarding the license… did you get it? I want to make sure I can purchase this one template and use it to create many quiz videos. I want to change my content with this one quiz template purchased. I’m using it to create many different quiz videos for my site. Everything is for my own sites. I will be modifying the quiz content and reusing the one purchased template… Is that ok to create many videos with this one purchased template?

Also, do you have a newer quiz template?

Sorry, i did not get the mesaage. Please read the liscences to get sure about it and take a look at the other quiz project at:

Hi! I got a couple of pre sales questions, hope you can help me:

Is it possible to customize colors and/or any other graphics from the video? Is it possible to edit the number of choices/answers on each question?

Thank you

There are a red and a green version already made. If you are a little expert on ae you can customize the colors by yourself adding/editing the fx. The answer box design fits 4 texts. You can disable some of them or decrease text size to add one more answer. Maybe scale the rectangle a litte bit. If you buy the file please let me know so I can give you more support. Thank you

Hi Paulo, I am struggling adding more questions to the file. Could you give me more instruction please?

Yes, please send me an email at

Hi, Will this work with non-English text, like Japanese?

Yes, there are no expressions on this project. Just retype/replace the original text font by yours.

I am looking for a quiz just like this, but with a softer design. Any chance you can create something just like this with a different, lighter “feel”?

Please email me with some similar design you are looking for so I can customize it for you.

Great design! Any suggestions on how to speed up the rendering process? One question takes about 2 hours. My Memory is 12 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC and Processor 2×2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon.

That’s not possible. Something wrong. This render don’t take so long. Reeboot your machine and try again. Never had this problem before.

Or search google for ” ae hidden secret”

Howdy Very nice work

Can the QUIZ flip be modified? Cheers

Thank you. Yes. If you need any help on customization, please let me know.


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