Quiet Acoustic Slideshow

Quiet Acoustic Slideshow

Quiet Acoustic Slideshow - 1 My last project Quiet Acoustic Slideshow allows you to showcasea in a beautiful & classy way your portfolio, your memories …. You can use videos instead of photos.

This ae template comes with two projects:
[1.] 20 media and 18 texts plaeholders, duration: 2 minutes 15 seconds;
[2.] 40 media, 32 texts placeholders, 4 minutes 35 seconds.

This project includes global controls (we used the AE Expression universalizer) allowing you to make modifications for the whole project with one click.
The global controls are relating to:

  • color correction presets: 6 cc presets are included. You can select one (or none) with one click. You can also define the opacity of the CC layer; so you can mitigate the impact of the selected color correction preset by decreasing its opacity.
  • flares: show or hide the both flares, define each flare color, define each falre opacity.
  • vignette: show or hide the black vignette, define its opacity.
  • sides panels: show or hide these sides panels
  • borders color: define the color for these borders

Quiet Acoustic Slideshow - 2 Quiet Acoustic Slideshow - 3
  • AE CS 5.0 Full HD 1920×1080
  • 2040 Media placeholders
  • 18/32 Texts spots
  • 2 min 12 secs/4 min. 35 secs.
  • No plugin required
  • Included HTML Help file
  • Easy and quick customization
  • Stylish and elegant
  • elegant transitions grabbing attention
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Quiet Acoustic Slideshow - 9 Preview this file in HD resolution for better screen resolution and optimal user experience. Take a look at the this project on Vimeo: WATCH HD VERSION ON VIMEO HERE.

Quiet Acoustic Slideshow - 10 Included HTML help file. You can take a look at the Help File by clicking here.
You have additional questions or requests; simply drop me a line from my videohive profile page.

Quiet Acoustic Slideshow - 11 Music track NOT included.
The preview file use the great music track composed by Cyrilll_Luzin. You can buy it on AudioJungle here.

Quiet Acoustic Slideshow - 12 Included Color Presets

Quiet Acoustic Slideshow - 13

Change color preset for all displayed media with one click.

Quiet Acoustic Slideshow - 14 The used pictures for the preview file are NOT included. They come from

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