Discussion on Quick and Dirty-10 Action Transitions

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Interesting! Well done!

Looks great!

Amazing job gecoooh !!!

Very good work!

Awesome stuff man, nice job!

Beautiful work my friend ;)

Thanks man!

Yeah!!! It’s a really good job! Hope the best for your sales :-)

Thanks kloud1001! Ilike your comment!

You’re welcome :-)

I love it :) great for my show real.

Good luck with your real!!!

i like your style!

Hey, thanks man!!!!

Perfect, thats right! :-)

Thanks a lot, man!

Imported into Adobe Premier CS6 with no issues. Nice work and thanks :)

i see that you provided the music links, where can i find the scratches sound bites that you used?


Please have a look in the help file!

Hi i just purchased and im trying to import into adobe premier CC but fails. any idea? thanks!

Hi, I´ve sent you a mail, with some help notes!!!

Simple and classy. I love it! :D Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks dude!!! Love your comment!

No problem! :D You know, I have a few tracks that I think you will like, particularly this one, because it’s similar to the one you used for this vid:

Feel free to use any of my tracks for your projects. Let me know when you do. :D Thanks and more power!

hello I just purchased the FX. I’m wondering because I understood that the sound FX is included. ‘Sound effects are for free and the download link is included.’ did I understand it wrong? Thanks

Thank you, I found what I was looking for. Nice work.

Hi Kuester, vielen Dank!!!

Beautiful work!