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Upon opening, it says there are 64 files missing since the last save. I’m guessing this is the backgrounds and app shots used in the video?

Latest CC

Oh and fonts but I just grabbed Open Sans from google

Love the promo, btw. It’s teaching me a ton about AE as I figure out things.

Hi, How I can change the pink icon for a real image icon (.jpg or .png) ??

Please look at video help file

In the video help don’t appear how to change the icon for a real image, ins’t it?

Just open composition with icon (in “replace it” folder) and place your image above pink icon. (You can delete layer with pink icon)

hi we bought this and since week we are struggling. i like your video, but when we bought we only see till screen 5 ie where in video you say”most popular app among tourists” til there. we had imported fresh and there is very less scenes in template and not complete like your demo. please help

Please check out Help Video inside of project. You should place your screens in placeholders as shown at video.


Love this! Is it possible to use video instead of pictures on the phone screen placeholders?

Yes, sure!


Do you have a step by step guide to using this project. I downloaded now what program do I use to open and edit the project? Also, you help video has no sound.

Please download this program: https://www.adobe.com/products/aftereffects.html And do changes as in video help file.

Hi do you do freelance work

Hi, how much do charge for freelance work? Keen to have this done. Thanks.

Hello! We’re an app lauching a campaign and we’re doing a promotion video using this project. The video is going to be displayed in our app, facebook and twitter page. Do we need to purchase a regular license or a extended one? Great work by the way!

It’s really cool and it’s stylish! great luck to you