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Awesome template and fantastic after sales support great individual cant thank this author enough. Spreading the word around the Uk highly recommended thanks again Snowcake :-)

Thank you so much Brian :-)

I am using a trial version of the latest AE. When I try to play the file it seems really sluggish and I am using a computer with lots of memory and a good processor.

Is there something I am doing wrong with the frame rate. i am a new AE user and just want to change the template.

You can try to turn off “Show Cache Indicators” (On the right-hand-side of the timeline, there’s a little triangle which brings up a drop down menu. It’s in there) Or try to turn off the “Motion Blur” option. Look for an icon with some circles in a row…please click on that one…Regards

Thanks I am half way there. Now all I need to remove is the multi-color bars (yellow, violet, blue, green etc that show up occasionally on play back.

What do you mean by “multi-color bars”? Please send me an Email to Regards

Hi, I ‘m from Brazil, I bought this video, but where do I see the tutorials ? Thanks

Buying another wooden backround is optional, in case you would like to use a different backround. Anyway, the project itself comes with a wooden backround.


LOL…Look at the projectpage under ETRAS where it says:

“I included a Wooden Backround to the Project. In case you want to have the Vector Version I used in the Demo you can download it here: Get Wooden Backround here”.

It seems you haven’t read this :) Bye Snow

Hi, one more question, In composition 5, if I choose the browser illustration, how do i put my page in this composition ?


ok, i tryed to do this, but it change the first composition. The image that I have added appears in the beginning

ok, thanks

I can change the design of the characters. For example put a mustache and goatee on Jim? thank you (just uploading – will be online in about 25 minutes)

Ok, Thank you so much it worked I so greatful

Your welcome :-)


I’m a begiiner so please forgive if my question is awesome stupid:))

Can I change fonts in it to cyrillic? I need text in Russian to be included thanks,

Hey there. There are no “stupid” questions :-)

The only thing you´ll need is a font that supports cyrillic fonts. You can download some here:

Just install a cyrillic font, as you would normally do and after that you can use the font within the project.

Hope that helps:-)

Regards Snow

Hi, I like your file, just have a question.. is possible to use .png files in this project and be animated like if they were putting on the screen by the animated hands? I don’t know if I explain well, my english is not very good

Hello there, yes you can use your own PNGs. It would be a good thing though, if you have some experience with After Effects. Hope that information helps :-)