Discussion on Presentation Mobile PC Amy Office Wear

Discussion on Presentation Mobile PC Amy Office Wear

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Nice work! Good luck with sales!

Thanks a lot!

Is there a way to match the lip sync better with the words or is it just random? I know about the start and stop, but I’d like the mouth to match the words in the audio recording better.

Unfortunately, the mouth is not control for vowel-pronunciation. Thanks.

Can I order a custom character?

No, I’m only creating Videohive project and helping buyer. Thanks.

Is it possible to mix characters feature. Such as swapping heads or torsos?

To expand on my question above is it just possible to add the badge from Rachel Turtleneck to Amy Worker Style.

No. Both characters have almost the same action, but they don’t fit exactly on the frame. Thanks.

Is it possible to add more moves such as raising hands or more emotions?

No, It’s pre-rendering template. You can check all the animations through the preview video. Thanks.

Amazing one :) Hope you apply this to KYLE Character :)

It’d some take. But I will be grateful for your waiting :)

I am still waiting for sure :) and I bought the classic kyle until you release the Mobile version :) Thank you for all your awesome projects :)

Thanks a lot:)

Can l change the belt color? l need full white, client request. Amazing project.

No, unfortunately only the belt is a fixed color. Thanks.

seu trabalhoe muito bom ja comprei todos esta de parabens ....voce vai lançar novos avatares essse ano ?

Hi, No schedule yet. However, there is still a lot of time left this year. Thank you!

when i open my Amy file in AE2021 Amy is not visible anymore. When i open te same file with AE2020 (ver17.7) it is ok. Anyone who had the same problem?

Check please. File > Project Settings > Expressions > Legacy ExtendScript. Feel free to email for help.
Thank you!

hello would you have a preview of making an avatar woman wearing glasses

Hi, There is no glasses option. Thanks!

Can I use it on youtube videos?

I’m not sure what the videos are about, but they seem to use a similar UI design and theme. If this is a series, it can be used with 1 license. To learn about the series

I will upload tutorial videos on youtube for end users to watch for free, only adsense is enabled, so I can only use 1 regular license?

Yes, 1 Regular license if you use it only for Youtube. Thanks.