Discussion on Presentation collection

Discussion on Presentation collection

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Super project! I wish you good luck and more sales! ;)

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with the authors of VideoHive. If you want, you can use my music (with a watermark) in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to your work on my page (my page already has an example). If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good mood and good luck!

So good style

if I’ve a 20 slide presentation can I increase these templates or have to be 5

For the vertical graph, how do you change the value appearance? Like font, size, color, and location, for example?

give me your mail i send you description

Excellent work!! :)

Awesome Great Work bro :)

Hi Cheeswik:

I have been make a very nice presentation using your template, it really works well and it is not diifficult at all to customize.

However I have a small problem, in the VERTICAL GRAPH and HORIZONTAL GRAPH. I am doing the graphs with values that are full numbers. So i need to remove the values after the , .

I mean for example 123,00 I need to make this ,00 desappear. No values , 00 after the entire number.

i talk about people in my graphics.

How can i do it??

Thanks a lot for your help. ;))

Hi Mariaipi give me your mail. I will send you description

Hello, I use After Effects CC and when I try to work on your presentation file, it says that it has to be converted and after that, there are shown a lot of warnings and somehow i can not really work with it.

Can you help?

What do i do wrong?

when i can understand that the problem

there are a lot, can we make skype and screensharing, so you can see it?

my skype – cheswik2

Hey quick question again that drives me nuts ^^.

How do I DUPLICATE “TIMELINE” in After Effects ?

Into your original folder there is one called “MAP” and one called “TIMELINE”. I need to have TWICE “TIMELINE”. How do I do that ? I can’t find a way to “copy/paste”. Thank youuuuu

Hello guys ! Pre-purchase question :

You confirm that this “presentation collection” will fit almost any responsive theme ? I am preparing a “virtual executive summary” and I need to insert this kind of video in the HOME page. It will work, right ?

Thank you very much. Excellent work by the way. :)

I dont no. I don’t understand into web programming

Yes thanks, I found a way. After editing with After Effects use Encoder Youtube or Vimeo—> Short Code and upload on website. EASY :D

Hello, I need more than 10 data points on the vertical graph. I can’t figure out how to add more bars and have them interact..please help!

Hello itsit is not easy to do. And 10 data points will look unread. May be use two vertical graph not esay?

Where can I get Helvetica and BebasNeue fonts?

OrhanAA: to switch views, ctrl+click the current time window.


I bought your template.I do not know exactly using the panels.I try to edit but I can not solve a problem thar I want to use o2s 03s 04s 05s instead of 05f 10f 15f. How can I solve this problem?I think ?t is about frame rate.

Thanks a lot,

Hello i dont undestand your problem

Hello ,

I want to buy your template but I have a question.You say the template is fully editable.Can I edit backround and all vector images in the video ?

Thanks a lot

Yes you can

Great job. Color can be added right? And what the render time roughly of each?

yes color will be changing and rendering very fast

Hi I need to know if its possible insert your infographics in a video and make the background transparent, like this video. Thanks. If you think you have anothers infographics most like to this video

Hi I do not think that this project will approach

Thanks for the answer. So It´s possible background transparent with your project? So could you help me with this project? Do you know other infographic for my project? How could I make it? with after effects? Thanks, this is live or dead for me.

I do not have these projects that might come under your reference

Hi I need to know is its possible insert this infographic in a video and make the background transparent, like this video. Thanks. If you have anothers infographics be most like to this video

Hello. Nice design. Im wondering if its easy to extend the time of the texts appearing. It seems a bit fast for reading the messages. (at least for me). Thanks.

Hello you can increase the length of the composition as you need


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