Powerful Product Promo Engine

Powerful Product Promo Engine

“Powerful Product Promo Engine” – How To Edit

Updated 28th September 2012 – Added CS4 Version

With this editable template you can present your new product in an energetic, mechanical, typographic, stylish, kinetic way with your company logo at the heart of the machine.

Ideal if your company is presenting a new product or demo. This promo can show what the new product, as well as your company, can offer potential clients.

Features :

  • Economica Font INCLUDED
  • Change Background Color Easily
  • Simple to Edit + FAQ Guide
  • 7 Title Text Placeholders
  • 18 Descriptive Text Placeholders (5 of which are placeholders to describe video/image content)
  • 5 Video/Image Placeholders
  • 2 Logo Placeholders (1 for the new product and 1 for the main company identity)
  • High Definition 1080p
  • No Plugins Required
  • After Effects CS4 and above

The After Effects project file has colour coded, markered layers which guide you in the right direction when trying to edit the significant elements.

Can’t think what to use it for?

Why not use impactful marketing keywords for the title text placeholders, backed up by short and concise descriptive text. Here are my suggestions for incorporating powerful product promotional copy:

  • This is the (new) product – use your new product name or logo in this space
  • 01 – It’s Powerful – describe the product in 5 short phases highlighting the core product attributes – be succinct
  • 02 – It’s Attractive – outline who the product is aimed at (who it attracts) using the five text fields (global/local customers, multilanguage?)
  • 03 – Generates Demand – use couple of lines of text to portray why the product will work (the power, or benefits of the product)
  • 04 – and Increase Sales – use couple of lines of text suggest how the product will profit the client (main benefit)
  • 05 – It’s an Innovation – use few of lines of text explain why this product is different to others on the market (pushes existing boundaries)
  • 06 – That Delivers Results – use the five video/image placeholders to show some examples of the product, in action, along with caption text
  • 07 – Plus it’s Easy to use – use few of lines of text to describe how simple the product is to implement, appealing to its target audience
  • Logo – the main logo – Perhaps add a final strapline here too

Short, snappy text is key to ensuring this promo works at its best. Be ruthless with your copy and remove any extraneous text to make the key messages stronger.

Fonts used in the preview :

If you like the font used in the preview video (which works perfectly) you’ll need to have the font Economica installed. This is a free font and I’ve bundled it with this product.

Here is a web link to the font : http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/economica

Music used in the preview :

If you like the fantastic music used in the preview video you’ll need to purchase it from the following link : http://audiojungle.net/item/ready-for-the-show/2579323?WT.ac=portfolio_item&WT.seg_1=portfolio_item&WT.z_author=jhunger

Thanks to JHunger for the use of this track which fits superbly into the sequence with its ‘clockwork’ sound.

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