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Yeah!!! =) Very nice Prjct!!!! + :)

Thank you very much

Thank you!!

can you change the shape of the balloon, say to just a regular circle? i mean i know you can but how hard is or isn’t it.


It is little bit hard to do that right now but I will upload it by rendering as soon as possible :)

I like dynamic!

Love it. Any chance you will throw the C4D file on here? I would love to see the set up.

Una pregunta estimado, el efecto de explosión lo haces en after effects? o es un efecto realizado y pre-rendereado en un programa 3D. Estoy necesitando realizar ese efecto con una esfera con cierta textura pero según entendia en un principio, creia que la explosion era un efecto de after effects al cual se le podia cambiar el logo por otra imagen y que explote en la forma de la nueva imagen.

Google Traductor: A question dear, you do explosion effect in After Effects? or effect and pre-rendereado made ??in a 3D program. I am needing to do this effect with a sphere with some texture but as he understood at first believed that the explosion was an effect of after effects to which you could change the logo with another image, which operates in the form of the new image.

The balloon is pre-render file. The color of the balloon, logo and text are can be easily changed by AE. Unfortunately the shape of the balloon cannot be changed by now. But I’m going to make another ver. of motion graphic project when I get some free time in the near future.

En que programa hiciste el efecto de explosión con los pedazos como tela o como globo? Supongo que Cinema 4D. Saludos.

I’m not good at speaking Spanish, so I can’t answer well. sorry. :(

Can I swap the balloon object for something else? I want to change it out for a 2D circle that will pop. Thanks!

The shape of the balloon can’t be changed. I’m sorry for that.

Man, this is perfect for promotional stuff. Love it!

The Popped Balloon Effect Title animation can be integrated into the Karma for wordpress template ???

Yes! You can make a still image and put it in it!