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Awesome project doru!

Amazing work

thank you everyone again :D

i love the idea, very nice work ! :)

I liked! Great work, doru!

An excellent project! What is the name of the music you used in the project?

thank you:)

here you can find the music used in the project

This is JUST what I was looking for. Thank you!!

Hello can you tell me if the satellite image can also be changed as well. Thank you

yes, you can add any photo or video in place of the map/satellite photo in the center. The satellite photo from the preview is not included.

Hi, Do you have a version of this that for AE5 by any chance, please? Thanks, Steve


Please check the answer to the other message

Hi, Just thought – if the whole thing won’t do AE5, could just one module of it work, please? That’s all I need to add a “police wall” to another project. Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,

I’m assuming that by AE5 you mean After Effects version CS5.

The only feature that don’t work in CS5 version of After Effects is the lights smooth falloff. The dramatic lights look work only with CS5.5 or higher

If this is not a problem with you, after purchase I can send you free of additional cost a version that can be open or imported in version CS5 for you but lighting will be different.

This may be ideal if you want to use different graphics from the project in a different project

I use a Mac AE CS5, and when I try opening the file it says it was created with Windows 64 and is not compatible with my version… Help?

HI, Thank You purchasing my template. As stated in the item description and in the item info sidebar this project can’t be opened with After Effects CS5 but with any of the successive version starting with CS5.5 This because the lighting I’ve used is not supported in CS5

I suggest installing a trial version of a more recent After Effects version. Should work fine :)