Pola Photographer Moments

Pola Photographer Moments

Proudly presenting you my new dynamic and stunning Multipurpose Project to taste it. Photographer & Uniq Design idea template created 100% in 3D environment inside after effects. Works with all versions from CS3 (CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6…). This is great even for the broadcast channel promos, self-promos, new season ads, fashion, design ideas due simple video albums or even cinematic openers, or various presentations. It’s created for the Mass. Everything apart the dust & Photo paper texture is done native in After Effects. 3 minutes & 21 second duration, but only in this pre-configured project with this music track:

“Fashion Lollipop”

or longer duration just with moving out scene 04 away as there is left another 5 Placeholders unseen.

Main features:

  • Animation with No KEYFRAMES!! Camera is free from keyframes. Animated only depth of field. No kidding! Just Look how it is nice, and this small trick takes you off from keyframing.
  • Everything is animated & controlled with one layer (Main Scenes)
  • Intro(00_intro) & Outro (Scene 04) is animated with camera
  • Just add another cameras to get different angle shots and 2 keyframes needed only
  • 3×14 Placeholders
  • Clean scene included to be customized by you (Skillet) – read the manual how to play with it
  • Realistic Polaroid photo texture with 2 sides: Front & Back.
  • Placeholders: Photos or Videos to be used & Text
  • Use 2 types or single text on every photo
  • Clean organized & prepared photo files to update
  • Just load the photos & make render. Animation target goes from 1 to 14
  • Music file is not included, but you can get it here: “Fashion Lollipop”
  • Polaroid photo exposure animated with every placeholder
  • Detailed PDF Manual
  • Looks great with all kinds of backgrounds (Colors, Shapes) even use on top with videos.
  • Render Profiles ready: HD1080, HD720, SD, PAL/NTSC

Pictures are not included, only as reference files. & This great Music track you can get here:

“Fashion Lollipop”

It was special created for this project or to be uses with your own projects. Oh, and keep in mind, that depth of field is eating as much as possible resources of CPU – this will take a while to render 3 minutes in Full HD: for me – 20 hours without graphics card GPU, so… it depends on your hardware.

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for the future updates & more interesting works! Yours @Spotmouse

Please check lovely audio track: