POKER (Movie Trailer)

POKER (Movie Trailer)

POKER (Movie Trailer) - 1

For video viewing good stereo speakers or ear-phones are desirable!  :)


Video ads for your poker championship. The project was made in the style of movie trailer. You can insert your 11 photos or video! You can chage the text that you see in the video preview, and the text on the chips too.

POKER (Movie Trailer) - 2

  • Photos used in the project are included + Model release
  • The soundtrack is not included. But you can buy this awesome track here – Trailer Rock And Poker (
  • There are NO PLUGINS
  • Video Operation Manual
  • Full HD resolution
  • The project for After Effects CS5.5 and above. But if you need this project for CS3, just send me a message.

POKER (Movie Trailer) - 3

If you like poker, if you play poker, then this project for you!

Inspiration and Successes!

Update Log:

001. Were updated the video preview and zip-archive:
- Added a new music file from AJ to the preview;
- Now the project works with CS5.5 and above.
- Was used the music track Trailer Rock And Poker