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Beautiful and very sensual geometry. Excellent project. I like your style.

Very nice work! Well done!!!

Perfect work! Good luck with sales :)

Is there a pre-rendered version included that can be used if you don’t have the Plexus 2 plugin?

Sorry for late reply.

Logically, yes.

But, if you do not have Plexus 2, you can edit only texts and logo. You can not change other things.

So you need Plexus 2 as I wrote it on product page.

There is no Plexus layers !! all pre-rendered please help !

Hey, love the template! Very easy to work with.

Wondering, how did you position the Plexus Objects such as “plexus-first-object, plexus-second-object” etc??

I’m trying to re-position them within the 3D space, and not sure where those parameters were set to place them.

Thanks again!