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Can i use this product for live time and can use it with aftereffect 2018 or 2017

I mean if i buy the regular license i can have live time access?

Hello , if you are not going to create and sell multiple product by using Pixity land then regular license will be enough for lifetime usage otherwise you need to use extended license.

I just wanted to make sure of an issue, is that template compatible with aftereffects or premier

Hi there, It’s compatible with AE and we recommend these AE versions: CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5.

Does it work properly with AE 2018?

Yes it will.

why it uses all the RAM 8GB and then AE crash

it happens due to quantity of assets which AE try to load all of them in beginning of project , in older version of AE the loading procedure was partial and this issue would not happen.

how to solve it i tried to open with CS6 and same also it tooks 7.4 out of 7.9 GB and CC 2020 same what to do to open the file and work on it !! i can’t load anything from the project !

Hi guys, I’ve seen this problem come up a few times, Pixity land works great until I try to import other assets into the project template, or vice versa import the main pixity land file. After that, my compositions go black. I can see the wireframes when I scrub, but not the actually elements on the screen.

I’ve tried clearing caches and changing the rendering from GPU to CPU to Mercury only and everything in between. Any help would be so very greatly appreciated!

I’m using the latest version of After Effects 17.1.1 and running 64gb Ram with a Intel i-7 4th generation processor.

Hello , thanks for contacting us , we’ve received your ticket in our help center so we will be in touch with you to see what’s going wrong

is it working on cc2020 aftereffect with mac2015

Hello , yes it will but due to changes of assets loading in new AE versions you need to wait about 10 minutes so all the assets of Pixity land project loads when you import it into AE

I’m looking for a animation explainer kit for After Effects 2020. Should I buy this or not? Seems like a lot of performance issues are being reported. I’m not going to use an older version of After Effects. Are you going to update this?


Thanks for contacting us ,

Actually the issue is AE new assets management system which load all assets of a project when you import it so you need to wait about 5 to 10 minutes so all assets load up and then you can use our project without any issue

Hi, what is the recommended configuration to use this template? My config is : Intel Core i5-8600, Nvidia GTX 1060-3GB, 32go RAM DDR4 2666. Will it work ?

Hello , sorry for late answer , your system configuration is OK but please know that on new versions of AE you need to wait for project to completely loaded ( it may take about 10 minutes ) and then starting to use project

Is there a way to make the character (ex. the one at number 3 in control panel) fatter? The arms are too thin, just want the upper body in general to not be that thin.

Hello , unfortunately this kind of customization on character templates are not supported as they will have conflict with animation and other body part movement

Hi should I buy this one or toonly which one better, I need more customization and faster project finish more assets. I saw very few assets in pixity

Hello , actually we can not recommend anything here as you are going to create the project , you can see both of project presentation and see which one fit in your requirement ( we’ve presented all of items in our presentation so there will be no more option in downloaded project )

Is there a way that you an have many different characters in the same scene and how do you do this?