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Hello, I have the following issues. http://prntscr.com/fpgjus It stops loading at this percentages and could stay for hours. Basically, I am working on MacBook 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 256 MB. How can I resolve this issue if it’s not from my system? Thanks in advance!

Hi, Thanks for your purchase, Frankly, Best version for Pixityland is Ae CS6 . The Pixityland is a big project with many comps inside,we test the file many times in AE CS without problem. Unfortunately, the AE CC opening file system needs more memory space for open/preview files like this. We have some tips to solve this problem and also we reduce the size of our file for customers who had same problems like you.So Please sen us an email to video.pixflow@gmail.com . Our support staffs help you regarding this issue.


Hi, I bought the Pixity City Template and I got the error message “preview needs 2 or more frames to playback”, when try tor render. It only happens with the pixity city template. Maybe because of too much data is load. I have a 2015 Macbook Pro with 8gb ram. What can I do?

This is an innocuous message that is just because After Effects is (mistakenly) doing a memory check that it doesn’t need to be doing.So Please sen us an email to video.pixflow@gmail.com . Our support staffs help you regarding this issue.

Hi, I bought the templite for a very urgent job, I want the clothes to be longer After I changed that in the Illustrator how do I update Yoni Apter? I would be happy to receive a quick response Thanks

Hi, You should be aware that you can design only the outfits that they have not any change in their body size. Unfortunately, You can not make it larger than Pixity’s character compositions.but You still, can use Your design,Please use the “Pixity land CS5 version” file, in that case, by changing the AI file the object will be changed in After Effects.

I cannot open project file. Can you please support me? The progress is till stuck at 97%

would you please send ticket through www.pixfow.net/ticket so we can know your specs and help you faster?

i need video Like this Thank you http://bit.ly/2tFtkSx

Thank you for trusting us to be your source for your project. While we wish that we could accommodate your request, it has been a long-standing policy of this company to don’t accept any freelancing or customization. We certainly appreciate the interest you have shown in our products, and wish you well in your works. Again, thank you for your kind thoughts of our company.

Hi, open this Pixity Land.aep, character left hand and left leg missing . I using PC not Mac computer . Is it linking problem ?

Hi there, Honestly, It’s strange and We have never got that ticket before, Please open a ticket in our help desk. Our support staffs help you regarding this issue. Screenshots really help us to solve your issue faster. Regards,

I need some fat characters in my storyline but all the characters in pixityland are extremely thin. What can I do?

Hi, Adult characters don’t have heavy weight option. However child characters have “Fat” option. Unfortunately it’s not really easy to make new structure for the character but It’s a great idea and I’ll pitch it to our technical team to see what they think.

Hi! I´m just wondering if there´s a way to “blend” between poses or faces inside the same comp. Great template! Thanks!

Hi, Actually, You can just put those poses you need after each other, But unfortunately, there is not kind of feature in “pixityland” that you can match poses together, But It’s a great idea, I’ll pitch that to the team and see what they think.

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When I try to export the character composition with bodymovin it creates a “stack overrun” error. Has anyone else had this problem and do you have a fix? I’m looking to use your animations as svg for a website. Thanks.

Hello, thanks for contacting, you can’t use bodymovin because it is a simple toolkit that doesn’t give us the power we wanted. please give us a day to explore another options for you. we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patient in advance

Hi, actually we might found a solution. Please read this article and it might help you https://github.com/bodymovin/bodymovin/issues/278


Where can I find the music for the photo app video?

Thanks, Assaf

Hi, Please take a look at the bottom of the pixity land detail We put all the music links there.

I have found

Success Story of a Happy Man from NoizMan

Corporate Motivation from Magnesid

Friends from J_Bond

Merry Christmas from AudioQuattro

Friends does not exists anymore and the rest does not match photo app video

Thanks, Assaf

Hello, I have trouble with the character number control and outfits…I chose “adult with iPad” and “superman”...I set both “main character, character 7, outfit 21”...but “superman” is a wrong character. Is there an error in an expression, what should I do?

I dont want the supermanoutfit just the supermanpose…I have the black suit outfit on character number 7. The settings bring me this character in other poses except on the supermanpose. I’m trying to find out why the clothes are different even if I have the same main controller settings.

Hi again, I recommend You to check our Youtube channel , It will help You to work with the product more efficiently and as for the issue, please after making your character, in the project panel find “adult – 14 – superman” to get the superman pose, after that click on “Maincontroller” and change the character number to “7”(the same as the number that You set your character in the “Adult – control panel” omposition).

Yes of course I clicked an Maincontroller and choose character number 7 but it doesn’t bring the outfit I set for character 7 (for all other poses it works, but not for the flying superman). I will check everything again, Thank you so far…


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HI there, thanks for the amazing template. Can you advise me how or what is the best way to render a story? it takes 53min on my laptop although its 16GB RAM and 3.0GHz i7 The output model I used is H.264

Unfortunately we can’t accept customizing right now, but please drop us an email so we can refer you other amazing authors :) ticket.pixflow.net


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The link is not working.. can you check plz

Please contact us via help@pixflow.net

Hello, can you recommend a graphic card which handles fast all the puppet triangle calculations?

Hello, We recommend you to get the Nvidia for all of your AE works. You can try this too: Open “preference” menu and select the preview tab. Then click on “GPU Information” and change the CPU mode to GPU mode. (Enable the checkbox if it’s not available) However, it works only if you have Nvidia graphic cards.

Hi I try out all features. When I select a background and a character, I have to wait until the background is built up. The character starts its animation at the same time. How can I delay the complete animation of a character? Is it also possible to change the poses of a character after a couple of time? For example saying hi and working with an Ipad? Thanks for your Help Regards Steffen

Hi Steffen, As the preview issue is technical type, please email us and our support staff help you regarding this issue and as for the other question, you can just put those poses you need after each other, but unfortunately, there is not kind of feature in “pixityland” that you can match poses together,


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Hello. I have a question. the difference between buying for $ 53 from that for 159 $?

Hi there, Actually, if your end product including the item is going to be free to the end user then a “Regular License” is what you need. An “Extended License” is required if the end user must pay to use the end product. You find more about licenses here


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did I understand correctly – if I’m a freelancer that can bought a standard license is to make a project for a client and sell it to him. But 1 license for only one client. And if you take extended you can do a lot of projects and to sell to customers? right?

No, both regular and extended licenses are for one end project only. If you want to use our product in another project that is sold, you can purchase an extended license.

Please check this page: https://videohive.net/licenses/standard


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hello I have three questions about the license. I want to make some health education films( maybe 4-5 films or more) . It will play on the hospital. The hospital is not my customer (not for sale). I make the video just for education. I had already buy regular license. Do i need to buy extend license? If i want to make another health education films on my youtube (not for hospital). Do I have to a new regular license ? If I make another health education films for another hospital (for free). do i need to pay license again? thanks! sorry my English is not very well

Hi, Actually by regular licence you will be able to use whole project once and there is no “Multi us license” on the Videohive but this product is a huge project so in this case we made an exception just for our customers, so, you can buy one extended license and use it as a Multi use license. in short : One brand , one regular license- Several Brands,Several Regular license.

Hi I really love your template, do you have some muslim wardrobes (hijab)?

Hi, Thank you for your compliment, Actually, that future is not available in our product, but You can replace your designs with the pixity land characters and it will work with your designs.

Hello, thank you ;) unfortunately no we don’t have characters with hijab right now, we might have an update for it in future, so stay tune :)