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Why my sleeve is disappear?

Hi there,
We need more details to know what is going on. Please open a ticket in our ticket system, screenshots really help us to solve your issue faster.

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satalim Purchased

Please send me a link to the the new 3.6 update. I keep trying to download it on video hive but I only get the old 3.1 update. What I need is the version with shapes instead of .ai files. I wrote a ticket but couldn’t get what I asked

Version on Videohive.net is the latest version. I appreciate if you check your mailbox. I replied your ticket :)
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satalim Purchased

Thank you for your reply but I am 100% sure I don’t have the new version. I have no animation with shapes. All my animations are .ai files. Please send me another link

Hi :)
We answered your ticket. Please be in touch via our ticket system.

Hi when i am using the seperate or the whole version of the character creation, sometimes when i am changing the character number it does not refresh on the composition, nor when i change anything on the effect controls, it will be fixed when i restart the after effect without saving the project files, but i am not sure if that would still happened if i had saved it.

Hi, There are 2 things you can do, First please use CS6, delete the things that you don’t want to use on project form project panel, like icon sets, typography and etc, but please DON’T delete anything from characters Two, you can save it with no worries! Cheers :) If you need more help please contact us throught email so we can help you fasters Submit ticket Slack Follow Us space Facebook Icon Twitter Icon Youtube Icon Dribbble Icon

Hi thank you for the reply, the reason that i didn’t send you guys an email is because i couldn’t find the purchase code your email system required, as for the problem that i am having, i actually am using AE CC, and i am already using the separate AE file for the character creation, so what do you mean i would have to delete thanks

Hi again, 1- to find Purchase code , just go to your download page on envato and find the item ( for example Pixityland ) click on download and from the drop down choose license and you can find purchase code from there, 2- By deleting I mean, open the PixifiyLand in you AE, From Project Panel, please select the comps that you don’t want, for example “Icon sets” and delete them , it will lighten up the file and you can see comps of character when you change them

hi i want to buy this amazing project.But i have not best PCfor this so can you suggest me the best PC or guide me with this specification ( i5 / 7th generation ,16 Gb Ram and 4 Gb Graphic card )

Hi, thank you, yest the specification works, but to speed things up we recommend you to use the cs6 version of AE, but your computer is okay

Hi, Does this project have lip sync with the audio?

Hi, sorry no, this feature is not available for Pixity Land, but you can make basic lip sync yourself, please let me know if I can help you more


Nexus9 Purchased

Hello… Great product. I use it all the time….But I have a little problem. I am writing you from Spain and I have to prepare an animation for Christmas. As you may know, culturally Santa here is not as big as The Three Magic Kings. Would it be possible to add some material having that in mind and how much would that be?

Thanks for you time and prompt response, if possible.

Hi, Thank you for using Pixity Land, There are many cultures and and many ceremonies around the world that we’d love to cover but it is not possible for us unfortunately. About the Three Magic kings I should say that you can try to create them with our Character Builder and maybe other items from icon pack, but we don’t have a plan to specifically create new items for this occasion. But we will add this to our idea box and we might get to it in future updates, thanks for feedback and great suggestion :) if you need more help please open a ticket here and we can help you faster Submit ticket Slack Follow Us space Facebook Icon Twitter Icon Youtube Icon Dribbble Icon

hi there.. i am using your product .. but there are some problems. when i tried to change outfits of chracters.. some outfits missing arms,legs etc.. some times it shows fine but when i render it shows missing things.. please help me to resolve it

Hi, I received your ticket and I will reply to you there, Thanks :)

Hello, we bought the Pixity Land Characters Animation Explainer Toolkit but when we tried to work with it we couldn’t. Every time we tried to open it our MacBook would freeze. So we couldn’t work with it properly. We are using After Effects CC 2017 and our MacBook is a 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro from 2013 using the OSX El Capitan operating system.

Would be great if you could help us to fix this problem because we really like to work with it.

Hi, sorry for that,please open a ticket and I will help you through: Submit ticket Slack Follow Us space Facebook Icon Twitter Icon Youtube Icon Dribbble Icon


I would like to know if this template can run with 4G to 8G RAM? Thank you.

Hi, actually you can run it on 4G but we DON’T recommend it becuase you need to open the sotries and remove unwanted file to make it faster, so please use more 8G or more

I watch a lot of work and I liked your work. I sincerely wish good sales. good luck

Thanks a lot.

Hi! Need some help. Would like to add a badge to a a character’s cloths. How can I do it ? Thanx!

You can find the specific outfit and open the comp and then put you badge inside that comp, please check this video tutorial for more info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRReCqPk1LU&list=PLHIXUIKtmMRGXeNcLhfoNn2CNlVdDh4QB&index=3

Hello, pre-sales question. DO you have support for Adobe CC now?

Hi, Yes, It works on Adobe CC, but the cs6 is recommended for Pixity Land because CS6 just load it faster at first. if you need more info please let us know throught this ticket Submit ticket Slack Follow Us space Facebook Icon Twitter Icon Youtube Icon Dribbble Icon

Will you be optimizing pixity land so it works fast with CC as well?

Adobe changes some technologies in new cc version and we try to keep up with it, We are working on solutions that fixes this issue, but I can’t tell you the exact time for that fix, Hopefully we can finish it up in near future

Hello, I would like to know if the new version that is lighter was already released and if it works in Adobe CC 2015? Thanks!

hi, It works with CC version, but it is not lighter due to number of items, we working of some new features to make it lighter in future but there’s not specific release time set for that update

Hi, I am just working with your template and I have an issue with the camera zoom. Normally it is no problem to zoom in, but when I change the face expressions, the character does not react as a 3D Object anymore. Are you aware of this problem?

Hi, sorry for delayed reply, it’s holiday and we are kinda well not busy! :D please open a ticket here and send me screenshot and I will help you through Submit ticket

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Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, you can use my music in your videos. Just choose what you liked. In turn, I will place a link to you on my page. If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good luck!

Hi, Thanks for suggestion, we will consider it for sure :)

Works Pixity Land with the newest version of Adobe CC right now?

Hi, Yes It works but you need to let AE cache everything before you use it, it means when you open it wait for 5 to 10 mintues then start work with it , Please let me know if I can give you more info

Hi there, i have a problem. Characters’ arms are disappering. But if i check the character as fat arms come back.

hi would you please open a ticket here and send us screenshot? Submit ticket

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Hi, I need to be able to use costumes/outfits on the adult characters e.g. put the cowboy or Roman outfit on an adult character. Can I do that with this package?

Hi Paddy, You can create custome outfits but you CAN’T put children outfits on adult ones unfortunatley, please let me know if I can give you more info

Great job. Everything is very harmonious and beautiful. Your work has made me interested in your portfolio. I wish you good sales and creative success!

Thanks for your kind words : appreciate it

Hi, this looks great! Does this include rigging for quadrupeds? If not, might you have any plans to create that at any point in the future?


Hi,thanks :) no i’m sorry , the package doesn’t do any rigging for you, it’s just premade movements and motions and we don’t have plan for this at least not for this Product ;)