Discussion on Pixity Land | Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

Discussion on Pixity Land | Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

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Hi, suppose I want to use your product to make multiple videos in my you tube channel which license should I purchase is 1 regular license ($49) enough? And let say later, suppose my channel gained a lot of views / subscription and it gets monetized through ads, which scenario should apply?

a. No need to pay for a new license b. Purchase a new extended license ($149) c. Paying only $100 to upgrade the license from regular to extended.

Hello, unless you are going to sell your videos ( which are created with Pixity Land ) there is no need for the extended license, so for YouTube channel the regular license is OK.

Can i use this toolkit for Adobe animate?

Hello , unfortunately no

Can i use this toolkit for making my own videos for monetized youtube channel? I run youtube channel & publish my videos and make money from it. So, can i use this toolkit for one channel *(publishing unlimited videos) Which is suitable license for my use? Reply.

Hi there, because you want to use it for commercial purposes, please use the extended license.

Hi! I bought this item several yers ago, is it necessary to buy again in order to get the latest version and download again?

By the way: nice job!

Hello , there is no need to another purchase , by visiting your account download page you can download the latest version

hey guy can you create tutorial on this product more clearly, the tutorial on youtube isnt much info , is it possible to create a story with seamless activity like a character running, talking and different activity

Hi there, If you check all the videos from our YouTube channel you can see we described all the details and the character’s movements and you can use them to create the story which you want. Also, it isn’t possible to set a talking option for the characters. If you want any specific movement or you have any questions, please let us know to help you.


I have just purchased this and i wasnt aware that the AE old version was the recommended version. I currently have the 2020 version and I am struggling to open the file. It keeps being converted and none of the stuff works

Hello , actually converting those file surely break their functionality as they are not designed to be used in 2020 you need to use 2018 and 217 version to have the best output

Hello. im facing a problem with the adult control panel – it is blank when i click on it. please advice

also whats the best way to add additional action to a character. for example.. from sec 0 to 5 he is jumping, i want to start running right after that.

Hi there, Sorry for the late answer, there was an issue and we couldn’t check the video which you’ve sent, please send it again. For jumping action, please check this link.

I am having memory problem after i purchase it, any idea how do i solve this?

Hi there,please let me know your system configuration and the memory.

Does it work properly with AE CC 2018?

Hello , we recommend using 2017 version but yes it will work with 2018 too

hello the files are all generated and therefore editable with illustrator? Can I edit the animations of the characters with illustrator and then animate them with after? It is essential for me to have the possibility of editing with illustrators. I also ask you what exactly the whole toolkit contains. thank you so much

Hi there, we didn’t recommend using illustrator for customization. please check this video for the customization of the characters.


I love it very much

The animals very important for my video

How many animals is it have

And can i add my brand animal character with change a characters tools like a familiar pixity land character

Cause it is very important for me to use my mascot It will be the main character So it will be look familiar and do same things the others

Or how can you help me for that

My english isnt good sorry

Many thanks

Hello ,

Thank you very much for your compliment

About number of animal characters you can check our our presentation , we’ve included all characters there which comes in the package.

About adding your character or modifying ours please take a look at we’ve described every possible customization and just to let you know using pre-built character is much easier than creating new ones

Thanks a lot… ;)

Not a problem at all , hope everything goes well there.

Hi! I have the leasted version of After effects and my pixityland packge not working. Every composition giv me a black screen. I dont have a portunity to download a old version. What i can do?

Would you mind follow the instruction of to see if any difference happens

Hi! continues with black screen on previous viewing screen.

Please contact us by visiting and share a video from steps you took to replicate the issue so we can help you there

Is there a way that you an have many different characters in the same scene and how do you do this?

Thank you for the videos, but we still cannot add a character (even on a placeholder) once a pose has been used. We would like to add a different character on the same scene with a same pose as the first one. Also, why when you try to change the colour of the outfit of the character it reverts back to the old (set) one? How can you then change the character outfit colour?

Ignore the question; the above have been solved.


Thanks for letting us know

Hi should I buy this one or toonly which one better, I need more customization and faster project finish more assets. I saw very few assets in pixity

Hello , actually we can not recommend anything here as you are going to create the project , you can see both of project presentation and see which one fit in your requirement ( we’ve presented all of items in our presentation so there will be no more option in downloaded project )

Is there a way to make the character (ex. the one at number 3 in control panel) fatter? The arms are too thin, just want the upper body in general to not be that thin.

Hello , unfortunately this kind of customization on character templates are not supported as they will have conflict with animation and other body part movement

Hi, what is the recommended configuration to use this template? My config is : Intel Core i5-8600, Nvidia GTX 1060-3GB, 32go RAM DDR4 2666. Will it work ?

Hello , sorry for late answer , your system configuration is OK but please know that on new versions of AE you need to wait for project to completely loaded ( it may take about 10 minutes ) and then starting to use project

I’m looking for a animation explainer kit for After Effects 2020. Should I buy this or not? Seems like a lot of performance issues are being reported. I’m not going to use an older version of After Effects. Are you going to update this?


Thanks for contacting us ,

Actually the issue is AE new assets management system which load all assets of a project when you import it so you need to wait about 5 to 10 minutes so all assets load up and then you can use our project without any issue

is it working on cc2020 aftereffect with mac2015

Hello , yes it will but due to changes of assets loading in new AE versions you need to wait about 10 minutes so all the assets of Pixity land project loads when you import it into AE

Hi guys, I’ve seen this problem come up a few times, Pixity land works great until I try to import other assets into the project template, or vice versa import the main pixity land file. After that, my compositions go black. I can see the wireframes when I scrub, but not the actually elements on the screen.

I’ve tried clearing caches and changing the rendering from GPU to CPU to Mercury only and everything in between. Any help would be so very greatly appreciated!

I’m using the latest version of After Effects 17.1.1 and running 64gb Ram with a Intel i-7 4th generation processor.

Hello , thanks for contacting us , we’ve received your ticket in our help center so we will be in touch with you to see what’s going wrong

why it uses all the RAM 8GB and then AE crash

it happens due to quantity of assets which AE try to load all of them in beginning of project , in older version of AE the loading procedure was partial and this issue would not happen.

how to solve it i tried to open with CS6 and same also it tooks 7.4 out of 7.9 GB and CC 2020 same what to do to open the file and work on it !! i can’t load anything from the project !


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