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hi, im working with outfit number 10 for the child and I need the skirt to be longer. is that something you can help me with please!

Please take a look at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc4mx1_t-saO1r86j45qlXg which contains Pixity Land tutorials , i’m sure you will find a proper solution there.

I did go through the tutorials however, the problem doesn’t get fixed. I see you answered another buyer regarding this same question “Thanks for purchasing You can’t have longer outfit . Because they have been puppeted. Please mail us if you have any problem.”

Sorry to hear about that , please contact us by visiting http://pixflow.net/help so we can find a proper solution.

Can I create my own character clothes that is not from the list?

Please take a look at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc4mx1_t-saO1r86j45qlXg to see if there is any tutorial about that procedure.

Hi Theres,

If i bought one license, can i use for two laptop? Actually, one laptop and one PC.

I dont undertsand about about the ‘project’ you’re referring to. Can u explain?

or have contacts which I can contact to ask more?

Hello , sorry if my answer was not clear , we assume you have a project for a company , you will purchase pixity land , use it and it’s done , now if you want to use pixity land for new project for new company you need to purchase additional license.

Hello , sorry if my answer was not clear , i mean if you are working on a project A and it’s done and then you start another project for new company we call it Project B , you should purchase additional license.

Hi, whenever I import the project into a project I’m working on, it just turns black and nothing loads. Any help for that?

Please make sure you are using CC 2015 for best experience , after that please let the application load its assets for 5 minutes and then check again , please let us know about the result.


Pinkaeo Purchased

Dear sir, What is the minimum computer’s spec that can use this wonderful template.

Because i don’t know that my computer can run this project or not? thank you

Nook tpinkaeo@gmail.com

Hello there , The most important thing is 8 GB memory being available , the rest of configuration should be like above average system for motion designers which you can find on internet easily.