Discussion on Pixel 911 ID

Discussion on Pixel 911 ID

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Ufff… so many small details… ;) looks organic! Perfect!

Thanks Ilyon

beautiful look!!

Thanks fra

Thanks Steve

great work!

Thanks Didgi

yes, so many details… great work signs09 :)

Awesome work, good job bud. Im liking this.

Beautiful, Signs.

Thanks guys.

Very impressive work!

Thanks little bee

My friend I will buy your work without looking your preview. You always did professional works as usual. Great work again.

Thanks a lot Okan.

Hi Signs Love your work. Was wondering if you are planning to do a high tech type of template with some of your cool tech stuff you used in this project? Like a CSI , Hawaii 5-0 type of tech

Hi ImagoDei, Thank a lot for purchasing this project. Could you precise ahwt you want relating an eventual other template, please?

You could drop me a message form my VH profile page relating to this….

Very nice work indeed, one thing is bothering me: the MBITS module is prerendered, and i could’nt change the color of the font to red, but besides that is flawless!

THX a lot Hendrix

This is really awesome. However, there’s a part where “Access Granted” is not spelled right, it’s spelled “Acces” instead of “Access”. I think it’s the 6th scene. It blinks in green at the top right hand side of the screen.

Every time I try to fix this my computer crashes. Is there any way you can fix this? I have tried about twenty times and it crashes each time.

Thank you, this seemed to work just fine when I followed your instructions. I did not know about the “Shy” layer. Thanks!

Happy to read you solved this “problem”

Best Regards


Awesome work!!!