Discussion on Picto Animation Toolkit

Discussion on Picto Animation Toolkit

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Great work. Thank you. Love it.

Thanks Valia!

Great!!! Thanks :)

Wow, you’ve put a lot of work into this. Very Nice!!

Thanks Mr Cyber!

The best toolkit

Thank you very much :)

Super excited about your generous gesture. Picto Animation Toolkit will go a long way with me… Thank youuuu! ;-)

Hi Isadag, I am really happy to hear that!


I’m trying to use Picto Animation Toolkit with After Effects CS6. Any time I’ve clicked on anything in the toolkit, After Effects closes, making the toolkit unusable. This has never happened to me with other After Effects projects. How can this problem be resolved?

Thank you.

Hi, further details are needed (AE version, PC/MAC, Ram amount ), but first of all I will a proof of purchase, you are not marked as “purchased user”.

I have emailed you the license information.

jhudson1215 had a similar problem 5 months ago, and wrote: Question, when i open this file in AE CS6 it loads and then closes immediately. I have open my other project files and all work correctly. But this one does load correctly before automatically closing. Do you know why that is?

You replied: Looks like a ram issue! The one and only thing I bet on would be an outdated computer with less than 8GB ram I can’t really thing anything else. In case that’s not the issue try opening the file in a newer AE version.

I’m using Picto_Animation_Toolkit_(CS5).aep with After Effects CS6. My PC is a Core I7, 8th Gen, with 16 GB of RAM.

I am really sure it is a ram issue, explainer templates are really demanding for ram.Anyhow, I just prepare a /zip file for you. I divided the included characters number, so now instead of one .aep file with 20 characters (chances are you wont need 20 characters) you will get 4 .aep files including 5 characters each.