Discussion on Picto Animation Toolkit

Discussion on Picto Animation Toolkit

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Good project man. :)

Thanks. Is that a greek flag?

Clean and sleek work..good luck with the sales :)

Awesome toolkit!


Great work!


I have a question regarding the license.

“Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.”

Does this mean that we can create only one animation for one client and we are not allowed to charge client for that animation?

How about if I want to use it for unlimited animations for unlimited number of clients and charge clients for animations?

Thank you for your answer.


Thanks for your interest in one of my Templates! Licences are a bit misunderstood by everyone here! So searched the videohive forum and I copied & pasted this…

No… it’s not a multiple licence. Videohive only issues single-use licences. If you want to use a VH template / stock footage / motion graphic for TV broadcast, DVD distribution etc. then you need an extended licence, if it’s essentially for a website, then the standard licence will do.

If you want to do two different broadcast jobs and three different website jobs with the same template, then you need 2 extended licences and 3 standard licences.

Thank you. So, unfortunately I was right. For every job I would do with this toolkit I would need to pay another $42.

Hi and thanks for this toolkit.

I have one question :

How can you change the duration of an animation? The picto disappears if I change the time of the composition


Hi there thanks for purchasing “picto animated toolkit”. I will give a detailed answer in a couple of hours if it’s all right. Meanwhile send me your email from my profile. Thanks

thanks a lot for your reactivity

Very worthy work! it will bring you a lot of sales !!! Good luck !!

Much appreciated… Happy New Year!!! :)

Thanks Toneeee!!

This looks so awesome! Cannot wait to try it out. Thank you!

Thanks “Sister” :)

Very cool animation toolkit – good job! ♪♫

Thankyouu, great job!!!

Thanks !!

It is very useful Template!! Thanks!


This is awesome toolkit I have ever used. Thank you for creation. Are there any tutorials about this toolkit for further learning?

That’s great, Thanks!

Can i use it for making unlimited YouTube videos for my website by regular license?

Hi unfortunately the Licence is per single use!

How can I Use this Code. Can I required to install at my Computer. Please reply. Thanks

I am not really sure! What code?

Question, when i open this file in AE CS6 it loads and then closes immediately. I have open my other project files and all work correctly. But this one does load correctly before automatically closing. Do you know why that is?

Looks like a ram issue! The one and only thing I bet on would be an outdated computer with less than 8GB ram I can’t really thing anything else. In case that’s not the issue try opening the file in a newer AE version.