Discussion on PhotoBook

Discussion on PhotoBook

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Nice and clean. Congrats

Purchased – Thanks, I love it !

Thank you, try to put your own background texture if you like.

Thank you all.

Love it mate, well done work! :)
Best wishes!

This is really cool

perfect job as always :)

nice & Clean

Great work mate! I love the look you gave it :)

Looking great!

wow great project sir!!!

Thanks again!

Clean, and very well done!

hi, i’ll love to know if there is a way to change the direction to the main composition? my book is in hebrew and i want to start actually from the end… any suggestions? thanks

and one more thing – i want to give more time to each page

thank you! i make all the layers to one comp and have reversed it, that great, I still complicated to add more time between the flipping… hope iwll succeed…

Select whole comp and hit on the menu Layer – Time – Time Stretch – Stretch Factor (From 100 change to 150 or 200). Remember also to select your composition and change on Composition Settings the duration to fit your comp. Thanks

yes sure, but the hard work is to replace the other comps, push forward etc… thank you any way

hello there! Is it possible to change the amount of the pages, if I need more or less?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. It is a little complicated to add more pages, but you can make twice this video with different images and then make a new editing on post. Thanks

Hello, does this have any pre rendered elements?

No, it doesn’t.

Hi, we have purchased the template on a different account, hope you could still respond to my question.

Is there any way to change the size / dimensions of the book?, Thanks!

Hi, no unfortunately not. Thanks

How do I change the color of the book? I would like it to be black instead of gray. Thank you!

Hi, thanks for purchasing! Inside the Book_Outside folder there is a blackcover.jpg file. Find it on the folder and make it darker through Photoshop or inside AE. Thanks

very clean photobook!