Discussion on Photo Slideshow - Slideshow of Memories

Discussion on Photo Slideshow - Slideshow of Memories

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nice work ! well done.. ;)

What is the best format to render this in that won’t take forever?

Hello! It is best to h.264 bitrate of 30 Mbps

Здравствуйте! Скажите, можно ли настраивать длительность слайда до его смены? У вас фото на экране в течение примерно 2.5 секунд, а я хотел бы увеличить до 3.5, например. Это возможно? Заранее спасибо!

Привет! Да, можно, в уроке показано, там надо ключи двигать. Только это придётся каждый слайд двигать, одним махом не получится)

it’s so beautiful and amazing! Thank you so much, sir!

Thank you! Very pleasant are your words!

Can i extend the length adding more music?

Yes, you can, by slowing down the overall composition or push the keys inside each block

I wish you further promotion and a lot of sales! ;)

It’s a lovely looking slideshow, however, I’m having some issues. I’m running CC 2018 (15.0.1), which is listed as a compatible version, but the project keeps crashing and becoming unresponsive. For example, when I enter one of the block compositions it just displays a white box in the comp window (see example below). I’m then unable to click anything or even close the project. I have to quite AE. I don’t seem to have any problems with AE in general, other projects are working just fine. Any ideas on what’s gone wrong?

Hi! One of the clients had this problem with Macintosh. He rebooted the system and everything went back to normal. If that doesn’t help, let me know, we’ll keep thinking.

Hi Makcinema, thanks for your reply. I did try rebooting a couple of times, but that unfortunately didn’t fix it. Interestingly it’s only the block compositions that cause the problems.

In my version of 2018 everything works fine. Give me your mail, I will send you a draft version 2018

Is it okay if I render this by Adobe Premier Pro program? Cause After effects rendering is too lazy…

Hello! Thank you for your purchase! This project was created for the after effect and is not adapted for adobe premier.

are the texts optional

Yes, texts can be removed by turning off or removing the layer.

Hi! I’ve used this template and works smoothly and it gives a beautiful result, however, I had to add some videos between the blocks of photos and works fine but I can not hear the audio while working in After Effects and I have tried everything, does it have anything to be with the settings of the template? Hello! In each composition where there is a video you should include such icons here, please check

Music wont play, trying to time pictures to the lyrics in the music how do i fix this in the draft mode

1) loudspeaker sign must be on 2) make a preview, then after rendering, click again, the video should go up with sound 3) This button is for sound only.

Very nice work !!!

Tried to add photos to placeholder_end and placehold_begin. But both does not appear like in the tutorials. Anyway to solve? The black layer is underneath.