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Cool project!

Thank you Jaxbond :)

cool project ariefputra! well done!

Thanks Artem :D

Great transitions! Well done! :)

Thank you very much Wayman.

nice project bro!

Thanks madejune

Thank you orangeornate :)

Very nice work, keep it up!

Thank you Zengarden.

Congratulations, this just looks great!

Looks very nice

Thanks All :D


I really need your help. I try to remove a composition but then I get an empty black screen. How can I adjust the time of the compositions what comes after the deleted composition.


thanks for purchasing my item.

you can click ‘shy’ button on after effects to see all layers. you can extend the key frame and then re arrange the all layers as your need


How to remove the box of description?

Hi Boizao, i made the tutorial on how to remove the box of description, what is your email? so i can send it right away :)

Hello i need the description how to remove the box of description and how to remove comps. my email is info@tiabo.de