Discussion on Photo Gallery - Memories Slideshow

Discussion on Photo Gallery - Memories Slideshow

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Cool style!

very very nice!

Very beautiful.. Good luck..

Great Work!!

Incredible work! Good luck!

Great project! :)

Is it easy to change scene durations and add scenes?

CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!! And very nice photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!... When will be the extra money – i’m sure to buy… ;)

Thanks mate :)

Has added you to my bookmarks ;)

Preview looks great! I like it!

Thanks mate :)

Hi there—I’m a novice and I’m having a difficult time figuring out how to add my photos to the template. Are there more detailed instructions than the 4-page PDF that you can provide? Thank you!

Hi there, Please send me your Email that I can provide you more details about the project.

Sure thing! I just sent you a private message. Thank you!

Hello, I recently bought your template and I would like to remove the filter that makes the images in the background a different color. I would also like to alter some of the filters beyond what I can see in the Settings layer. Can you send me more instructions on how I would do that?

Hi there, You should press “Shy switch” in the “Render composition” to see all hidden layers and disable those layers that control color correction. these layers control color correction: layer number 2 to 14,20, 21 Note: there is no need to disable all of these layers, just disabling some of them would be enough like layers number “9,13 and 14”.. if you need more information, please send me an email that I can assist you more efficiently.

Hi, i need to add extra photo, is possible? Thanks :)

Hey there, It’s not possible normally, but please e-mail me and I will make an exclusive version for you for free.

Bro, I need this so badly, But It says above AE CS6,, I use CS5 (V 10.5) Will this work for me??

Hi there, Unfortunately It’s not compatible with your AE.

Thanks for the reply…

Hello, I add more photos on the project but is not showing up on my timeline, can you help me please is a very important my friend died and I’m trying to make it for his family for this coming saturday 24th :( please, please.

Hi there, Sorry for your loss, I’m not sure about the way you add photos, Please send me some screenshots to assist you efficiently.