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Love it!! can you provide instructions on changing a comp from portrait to landscape? regards lind

How long is the 34 image version?

hi i just want to ask what is the needed computer requirements to fully work with the project? minimum graphic card needed

Hi, Great template. Just opened it and about to get started but Im getting an error that a “Lens Blur” effect is missing. Do I need this? Can I download it?

I’m having a big problem with this. There’s a strange overlay of rainbow bars, kind of like a tv test pattern. It’s on the whole project and still there when I render. I don’t understand what it is or how to get rid of it.


Hello, I want to buy this template but I saw the tutorial and it seems that i can’t add more time (photos) to the video (more than 51) because I only saw 1 timeline, and If I would like for example to lower some light effects in some parts, would that be possible?

I thought that it would be possible just to copy some scenes to do it longer, can I? its been a while since I used AE so I’m not sure just by looking the tutorial. Also, it is possible to add a video of almost 1 minute? like pausing the background (tree video) and just play that 1 min. video in the placeholder?

If this template does not have that option but [Photo Gallery on an Autumn Afternoon ] does please let me know and I will buy the one that can be edited the most.

Thanks in advance

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with the authors of VideoHive. If you want, you can use my music (with a watermark) in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to your work on my page (my page already has an example). If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good mood and good luck!

Anyone know how to change the first and the last image? I can’t!

Future buyers: Please note this will not work correctly in the newest After Effects. You have to open it in an older version and it works perfectly.

hmm I don’t think this works with After Effects CC, it only works on very old version which cannot run on OSX High Sierra—i.e. if you have a Mac this won’t work

lovely photo gallery!

Do I need to buy a new license for every time I use it? or If I buy an extensed license, I can make multiple videos!?