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Impressive work mate, well done! Wish you the best sales :)

Your project is one of the most impressive things I’ve found on this website. It’s beautiful, and easy to customize. Thank you. Your creativity is a true gift, I’ll be following your other productions.

I really appreciate your comment! Thank you!

The art direction is just GREAT!! Stunning work.

thank you!

Great work, however I think you need a watermarked version of pinkzebra’s track! Also, link to pinkzebra’s track. Give him some credit and possibly some sales. Just a couple suggestions! :)

hi there! There is a large banner saying ‘featuring Pink Zebra’s feels like a wedding day’ which links to his project. I will move it up so its more prominent. I have been in contact with Pink Zebra and he is happy with unwatermarked version.

Thanks for suggestions!


I have updated the Link to Lisa K Photography

Simple Easy to use for AF beginner and resume

What should be the length of the final video? Also, what is considered fast rendering time?

Hi there! Final length depends on which image comp you are exporting! The 11 image comp took around 40 minutes to render on my machine. Cheers, Mark

Hello. Nice work there! Just to check, are the images placeholders interchangeable? I like the scenes, but some scenes have vertical images. Can I change them easily to horizontal images?

Hi there! The image placeholders are tracked to live footage, so the orientation cannot be changed. Sorry. Cheers, Mark

Oh, I see. How many vertical and horizontal images are there in the project? I would like to find out more before making a purchase :)

And also, how long is the duration of the video? I understand that there are 11, 22, 33, 44 images version. How long is each version?

Great AE templates for photos. Thanks. :)

Hello how do I leave the video of the day? Photo Gallery at a Country Wedding

Hi… great work… i’d like to buy!

One info: I have a long name to put inside the circle… it is a problem? or i can edit it in some way?

How long th video for 11, 22, 33 or 44 pictures?

Thanx in advance!

I can not edit this because I don’t have Mac. I already bought it. Nobody got back to me even after emailing. I do not appreciate no response at all. What’s the point of the product if I can’t get any help. It’s horrible.

Apologies for delayed response. The product works on both Mac and PC, as long as you have adobe after effects cs5 or higher. It has been tested on both platforms. Cheers, Mark

Hello! I wanted to know if you could make a longer video, with more photos. I would like to use about 150 photos. It can?

Thank you!

Great job. Very professional.


The video files will open on the last update of After Effects CC?

Thank you.

Hi, The file is not working with the last version of 2017, there is bugs and errors.

Hi there, I hope you can answer my question. I just purchase your file. But how to change the picture from horizontal to vertical? Thank you.

yup when i saved it ad render it has alot of errors pls can u fix it to work with cc 2017


I’ve opened your template in CC 2018 and when adding the first photo, the following error message appears (the same when trying to render):

“After Effects error: B returned invalid max_result_rect from PF_Cmd_SMART_PRE_RENDER (25 237)”

As a consequence, the template does not seem to work with newer After Effects versions. Or is there a way I can fix the problem? I would be so grateful!

It’s frustrating, as I’ve already paid for it and I really want to use it for my wedding :-)

Thank you very much for your help!


I also get same problem like Claudio. Same problem and error notifcation. I also use CC 2018 and stop at first photo. I use 44 photos. Thank You