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Nice work!!

HI there, I am a bit confused of the extended license that says. Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. So that means that for every still image that I animate I need a separate license?

For example I want to create 3 different animations with different effects/imagery and sell them individually. Would I then require 3 purchases?

Hi there and thank you very much for your interest in my Photo Animator.

What you are looking for is the tools license version of my Photo Animator.

It is available here:

Please also read the description regarding the different licenses at the bottom of this (regular license version) item description.

Have a nice day and best Regards, Anton

Anton, just purchased the PhotoAnimator, I’m trying to use it but can’t see the PhotoAnimator Presets Controller?

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with the presets. To use the presets you first need to install them (move them to the right location). It’s quite simple, please follow the short tutorial “01_Getting_Started.mp4” which is in your zip file. It’s important that after moving the script file to the correct bin you need to restart After Effects. If it didn’t work please contact me through my profile page. This way we can exchange email addresses.

Again, I’m very sorry for the trouble.

Best Regards and have a nice Sunday, Anton

I just have a couple questions before I buy it, 1. The resolution says maximum 3840×2160 that’s not true 4k, I work on 4096×2160, is it possible to export in that resolution and above like 6k and 8k? Secondly the export to UHD procedure is not describe in the tutorials is there a reason?

Hi there and thank you very much for your interest in my Photo Animator. Yes, it is not true 4K, but UHD. As of now with version 6 the output resolution can not be higher than 3840×2160. In the tutorials all examples where made with the FullHD resolution. But everything (including video export) works exactly the same with the UHD version. Have a nice day and best regards, Anton

Anton, great job, when i clic on create animation says: “Keyframes have been removed. (Can be undone), How i correcta that to follow the next step, thanks

Hi Anton thanks, i haven´t selected any move, thats why, thanks it works fine :)

Anton my output file cames with the white and black stripes of the mask….., how can i remove it, thanks

Ready check marks out….....thanks again

Hi again,

you probably need to deactivate the “Visual Help Mode”. It is activated by default. so it is easier to distinguish the different layers. In the “Animation” Composition select the “Controls” layer and the first option of the effect controls of that layer is the “Visual Help Mode”. After disabling that it should render fine. ;)

Best Regards, Anton

Even though I am Korean, I used English as a bad translator and moved. I do not know if it is something to be transcribed in the translation.

An ever-evolving project. I am really impressed. I feel your love who is the creator of this project.

Thank you very much. It is true that I chose this project in the day when I did it well in my life.

Thank you very much. Anton-and-Friends: D

Dear Friend, thank you very much for your kind words. It made me smile the whole day :) I am so happy for your acknowledgement of my hard work I put into my Photo Animator. Comments like yours make me want to make my Photo Animator better and better. Thank you again and have a great day! Best Regards, Anton

Fantastic new versión buddy!!! ;)

Thank you very much! :)

Hi my friend @Anton, I plan to buy this product but right now I have a question: you have two similar products for sale. One for $53 (Photo-animator-12972961) and another for $56 (photo-animator-23499603). ¿What is the difference? I apologize for repeating my question.

Hi Miguelriv,

thank you very much for your interest in my Photo Animator. The product itself does not differ. The difference is the license type. You can see the license type in the top right corner. The license type is bound to the category, so in order to offer both licenses I needed to create two products. Please see more information at the bottom of this description:

Best Regards Anton

Thank you Anton for keeping the updates for this template CS6 compatible. But I am a bit confused. In my scripts UI folder I have file PAv5_scripts but the project has PAv6_scripts. In tutorial you replace PAv5_scripts with PAv5_scripts that comes with project not PAv6_scripts.

Should I rename PAv6_scripts to PAv5_scripts as I can PAv6_scripts does not open as a window but PAv5_scripts does but is the smaller file that came with older version. Thank you

Hi Mellick,

I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties with the scripts window.

Please do not rename the scripts files. This should not make any difference. I only did new tutorials for new features. So there are some tutorials that show the old version, but you simply can ignore that sometimes the files say V5 in the tutorials. Simply do the same with the V6 files. So you should also copy the new v6 script file into the ScriptUI panels folder.

Please only use the v6 scripts with the Photo Animator v6 and v5 scripts only with Photo Animator v5.

I just tried it with an older AE (cs4) version and I was able to see the script in the “Window” tab and open it as a dockable window. If you don’t see it in AE you might have forgot to reopen AE. Only after restarting AE the scripts will show in the “Window” tab.

If you keep having the problem of not having the scripts as an dockable window, please contact me through my profile page.

I hope everything will work. Have a great Sunday! Best Regards Anton

Thank you Anton I did a restart and all ok now.

The visual help does not turn off in AE2019

Hi Tommy,

thank you very much for your feedback. I am very sorry you are experiencing difficulties with the visual help mode. I am sure we will find a solution to your problem, but I think I need more information.

I have tested the Photo Animator with AE 2019 and didn’t have the problem yet. I also just did some more tests and couldn’t replicate your problem.

Could you please contact me through my profile page with more details? This way we can also exchange email addresses and you might send me a screenshot. Do you get an error message? Do you simply un-check the “Visual Help Mode” and nothing happens? Maybe you unchecked for the 1080 composition and you are looking at the UHD composition? Do you see/experiencing anything else unusual?

Thank you very much and best Regards, Anton

Hello Anton, I am very new to Envato and VideoHive and I would like to ask how can I send you a PM regarding Photo Animator… Many thanks in advance and best regards, Max T.

Hi Max, you can write me a personal message on my profile page:

I do also speak German, in case you are from the German-speaking part of Switzerland ;)

Best Regards, Anton

Hello Anton-and-Friends.

I do not speak English so I use google translation. Must have a particular plugin for your script.

Universal Expressions is included in after effect.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

I’m sorry for my delayed reply.

Thank you very much for your interest in our Photo Animator. You do not need to the trapcode particular plugin. The expressions are all universal, so it works with all after effects languages.

All tutorials, pdf document and the slider and controls are in English though. So if you don’t speak any English at all it probably will be difficult to understand everything. Here you can find a tutorial to get a better understanding how everything works.

Best Regards Anton

Thank you for the quick response.

I give you news, I’m almost sure to buy your script. Congratulations for your work.

A +

Thank you very much for your kind words about our work! :)

Super elegant and eye catching. Congratulations!

Thank you very much! :)

Hi, i bought this but im not able achieve the effect. i need to animate Galaxy rotating effect. the picture one i have full of stars and in center the Galaxy i need to give rotation effect to Galaxy is it possible? please let me know how achieve this effect.

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties animating your picture. Without seeing the picture, it is hard to give advice. Theoretically I’d say pictures with stars are more difficult, because you need to tell the Photo Animator somehow which ones are in the foreground and which in the background. If fore example the galaxy is a picture from the side, foreground and background stars are mixed, so this would be close to impossible to tell which star belongs to background and foreground. If the picture is more from the top it should be possible. The easiest thing would be to send me the picture and then I can give suggestions on how to approach the picture.

I removed the email address from this comment, but you should still see it in your email you got because of this comment. If not, please write me through my profile page and I will reply with my email address.

Thank you very much and best Regards Anton

Hi coming to the news for what you know if you remember ;) (sorry , i don’t found your email anymore :( )

Hi Didier, I just wrote you a mail. ;) Have a great day! Best Regards, Anton

I bought this program and I’m not sure what happened but it doesn’t open and look like it does in the sales presentation. I need help and at this time I can’t give this product a good recommendation I feel as if I have wasted $53.00. I have sent an email to Anton but so far no response

I’m not a video expert. I don;t even know how or where to get After Effects. This wasn’t explained to me in the sales process. Can’t you call me? I don’t even know what your email is

Hi John, I’ve sent you an email about 1 hour after I called you. Did you receive it? Best Regards Anton

Hi John, I’m having problems reaching you. I have sent you a couple of emails from two different email accounts but I’m afraid they don’t reach you somehow. If you read this please check your spam folder and look for my mails. Best Regards Anton

I tried the animation on a group of people and the contraction did not succeed. When I shrink too much, everything twists and when I shrink a little, I see the source. For a single person it works fine. Would appreciate help (:

Hi there, if you have a group of people without much of background and foreground, it will be difficult to create a nice animation, because the Photo Animator can’t guess how people behind other people or the background looks like. And if so many people are in the picture you can’t cover the source people with the object people. I would suggest to use Photoshop to isolate the people individually and fill the background where they have been with stamp tool or content aware fill. Then place them on different layers. This will give the best result. You can also add turn to each person. If you have more questions please log in with the account you have bought my Photo Animator with and contact me through my profile page. Then I can give more individual help and look at the picture. Thank you. Best Regards Anton

Hello Anton, Thank you very much for the most useful tool! How should I build the project? Build all the images in the same project or each image in a separate project and then open a new project and attach all finished videos?

Hi there and thank you very much for your interest in my Photo Animator. :)

The Photo Animator is made to animate one Picture at a time. So you need to import one picture, create your animation, render it and then start with the next picture. At the end you can combine the videos in an editing software.

Best Regards, Anton

Awesome project!

Thank you very much! :)

Hi, I followed the installation tutorial and I see the script in the window menu, but nothing comes up when I chose to activate that script. It keeps it checked in the window menu, but I don’t see it on the screen anywhere. Any help would be appreciated, I’m using a mac and I’m running CC 2018. Thanks!

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear that you have problems opening the script panel. To be honest it’s something I’ve never experienced, so here are some things I would try. Could it be that you have two monitors (maybe one turned off) and it is displayed there? When I uncheck the script panel in the window tab and re check it, it pops up with light blue edges. Also if you had AE open when installing the script file, you need to restart AE.

Besides that there is another way to open the script panel. You need to go to the tab FILE > SCRIPTS > RUN SCRIPT FILE… Then you need to browse for the “PAv5_scripts.jsxbin” and open it. Make sure that you are browsing for .jsxbin files or all file formats. At least on windows only jsx files are preselected and you will not see the file unless looking for .jsxbin files. When running the file you should get the panel as well. The only difference is that you can’t dock it within the AE interface like it would be possible when opening as a window.

I hope that helps. Please contact me through my profile page if you need further assistance.

Best Regards Anton


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