Discussion on Phone Mockup Bundle

Discussion on Phone Mockup Bundle

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excellent job.. good luck..

Thank you Deattive ! :)

Good work, congrats!

Thank you so much thingscandance ! :)

Thanks Chuckwalla ! Nice to hear from the author of such level. :)

Very nice work!!

Thank you so much nukefx ! :)

Thank you KirEdesign ! :)

Круто! мне как раз такое скоро понадобится, добавил в избранное, сделано очень качественно

Очень рад, что автор такого уровня, с портфолио великолепных работ, обратил внимание на наш шаблон. Огромное спасибо ! :)

Hi, I bought your bundle, and I used the pre-rendered file, it seems that I can’t export the composition (in Media encoder), when rendering reaches the 3D scenes. How can I fix this?

Is there a typo graphic motion in the advertisement video?

Hello !
Everything that you see in the preview is included in the project.

그러냐 시꺄 :)

Absolutely sure. Only images and music are not included.

Hi do i need element 3d to use this template?

Hello !
This template has two versions. You can use it even if you do not have a plugin.

What is the song you used?

Hello There,

I cant run the project it says I have missing effect “ELEMENT”

any help. ?

You’re welcome !

Hello there I have been using the file and made my designs, but now the file keep crashing and I cannot open it.

any help. ?

You need to open the file “Phone Mockup Bundle (pre-render) 3.0”.
Or write us ( your e-mail address. We will make a lesson for you on how to open a project and that the program does not crash. This problem occurs only with you, 100 clients have not asked this question.

Hi there! Can I use my CS6 version to work with your project? or only CC?

Hello. Only СС and above.

Nice work. Is it possible to use custom background?

Hello ! Yes of course.

Hello! Your previews for all mockups link is not working.

Yes, of course !

I couldn’t find it in the tutorial Video. It shows only how to change solid color or abstract shaped background colors. Can you please help me?

We made a short video tutorial for you. Send us your mail on our e-mail ( and we will send it to you.

Is it possible to change the speed of these without Element?

Yes, it is possible. Send us your email address ( and we will send you a short video tutorial.

Hi there, does the template include the liquid text effect and is that something you need the Element plugin for?

Hello ! Everything that is shown in the preview is included in the project. The template has two versions (with a plugin and without a plugin). In the description, all this is indicated