Phone App Promo Kit

Phone App Promo Kit

Need to promote your App?

This Phone App Promo Kit is designed to promote Phone App projects on any level. With this elegant presentation you can now help your clients or friends visualize, prototype, explain, or promote you App content with a few clicks. Take advantage of the variety of hand gestures to capture every detail of your App navigation. Does not require 3D software or other plugins. This user friendly set-up allows anyone with minimum After Effects experience to produce quick results on the fly. Just drop your App designs and paste the text. Descriptive video tutorial is included. This Phone App Promo Kit is sleek, elegant and inspiring way to share your App content today.

What’s Included:

  • 15 Scenes (Flexible length)
  • Modular Set Up (Use scenes in any order)
  • 24 Text Placeholders
  • 9 Hands Gestures: Tap / Double Tap / Swipe Left / Swipe Right / Slide Left / Slide Right / Slide Up / Zoom In / Zoom Out
  • No plugins required
  • Full HD Resolution (1920×1080)
  • After Effects CS6 and above (CS 5.5 version is available upon request)
  • Video Tutorial
  • Fully Customizable (Change your colors in one click!)
  • All Layers are separate. (Change position and scale of any asset)
  • Free e-mail support: having trouble with my template? Always happy to help!
  • Links to font and music are included inside the template


phone_app Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_00091 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_00294 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_00425 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_00812 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_01256 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_01583 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_01853 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_02235 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_02716 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_02998 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_03490 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_03673 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_04425 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_04562 Phone_App_Promo_Kit_1080p_05114

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